Book Review - Food & Faith


Religion has a different definition for all of us, for some it is about rituals and for others it is about the journey within. If you live in India, you cannot be untouched with it and it would have influenced you in some or other manner.

 Clear from the title itself, Shobha Narayan brings an interesting perspective in her book Food & Faith. She visits various pilgrims of India and tried explaining how food that is being offered as Bhoga in Hindu temples, is correlated with faith.

 Many among us keep on asking about the logic behind particular rituals. Some follow everything as it is, some tries to understand and correlate it with science. The author is the later one and in her new book she try explaining various aspects of mythology, history and science related to various rituals. She describes various food rituals in major pilgrimages and explores the city inside out. Through her book she is able to beautifully explain some of the very intimate questions about religion and rituals.

 Even if I look at it as a non-believer, the book caries a lot of information about the most worshiped temples of India. The explanation of various food offerings will leave your mouth watering and if you are a foodie you have another reason to read this book all together.

 Before reading this book I have never tried to understand the religion through food, but the author has added another dimension to how I look at religion now.

 Religion and rituals are personal for everyone, but they communicate to you in their own way. The question is are you able to understand them?



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