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Monday, 14 November 2016

Do me a favor..

Can you read it for me
as I cant gather the strength
to revisit the memoirs
that have all the powers to trap me
in the flood of emotions

Of all the good and bad things
Inked on my heart
and the moments
that resembles my past

I would insist you
to not to judge me
as those thoughts 
no longer belong to me

I will be thankful for your favor
as you created the comfort
that I can pour my heart out
and you can motion the pages
inside out

You will be surprised to know
about the colors within
do me a favor.. to read it for me
a part of me.. is not me!


Friday, 8 April 2016

How do I see myself?

How do I see myself
matter more than, how do others

Of all ups and downs, I have been
and the struggles, I have seen

For the milestones, I have set
and the accomplishments, I have met

I have paid every instalment of endurance
and that's how, I got the insurance

I too faced the darkness
before sunshine
I too tumbled
before this silver-line

My pride can't be judged
My achievements, can't be smudged

How do I see myself
matter more than, how do others

as this will remain for life....
and this is the only way to survive!!