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Monday, 6 July 2015

Let your ponytail turn stylish!

Making a new hair style every morning is really a big deal!Specially in case when you have to punch in on the right time,in office. A good hairstyle cherishes your mood and at the same time a bad one can ruin whole day. And this is a big challenge specially in rainy season, when everyone suffers with hair fall.  A ponytail is hence always preferred. Ponytails are great for a lot of things -- saving time in the morning, keeping hair out of your face, protecting your tresses from grabby babies -- but they’re not always the most stylish option if all you do is wrap an elastic around a hastily gathered hank of hair.
Opting this hacks, life is now easier for me. 

1. Bangs. A little fringe up front makes a ponytail look like an on-purpose hairstyle rather than just a utilitarian solution to a problem.
2. Headbands. Fabric, plastic, metallic, jeweled, wooden – headbands are an easy way to bring a punch of style to a boring old pony.
3. Color. A streak of a surprising shade can amp things up, either permanently with dye or temporarily with spray or hair chalk.
4. Braids. A few messy braids add just enough interest to take your ponytail to the next level.
5. Go high. To get the look of a trendy high pony, bend over, flip your hair forward, and gather the strands together slightly higher than your crown.
6. Go low. Hair tied at the nape of the neck is easy and elegant; sweep it to one side over your shoulder and you’re perfectly posh.
7. BarrettesHair accessories aren’t just for little girls. To keep them more chic than cutesy, go for simple designs, natural materials, and interesting textures rather than cartoony shapes.
8. Tease the top. To give your ponytail a modern-retro shape, back-comb the top and keep the sides sleek and smooth.
9. Tease the tail. If your hair usually falls flat, tease in some texture – add dry shampoo for a bit of grit, then back-comb it into fabulous fullness.
10. Scarf. A scarf tied at the back is a great way to add style and color to your look, and worn forward over your hairline, it can also do wonders for the postpartum wispies or growing-out bangs.
11. Accessorize. Wearing statement earrings, a bold necklace, or a top with an interesting neckline or back makes your ponytail make sense.

Even a ponytail looks stylish with my office wears and it even gives me a tag of a descent girl.  Now, i don't think so much before any meetings about my hairs. I know they will be perfect and stylish too.

I shared this tips with my cousin who is doing her graduation. She was amazed with the tips and even she started opting one of them before leaving for her college , every day. Small things can make a big change, and when its about your looks a hairstyle plays very important role in it. 

Apart from the above tips , I have one more to share. This days people fall for straight hairs, but it is not suggested to use a straightener daily, as it results into damaged hair. I have a natural tip for all of you. 
Once you wash your hair, tie it hard in the wet condition. And apply comb in it again and again, by doing so number of times your hairs will turn straight. Go try it!

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  1. This one was nice :D I like I like :) Good luck babe.

  2. I can't handle long hair!!! Its too much of a task for me! I like it short :)

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