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Saturday, 21 February 2015


Either right or to the left,
I wonder which side would be the best?
Standing on a point, where everything is puzzled
and life knocks me with its knuckles...
Either I should leave my morale,
Or should stand by??
Is their someone who can answer, WHY??????

People say that,
God always keeps at-least a door open....
But all my believes,
 are now frozen!!
Every night I plan something,
and the very next day
I witness the failure of everything....

I raise questions on the things I trust
And I hate someone consoling me,
that people suffer even worst!!!

Its better to drop down things
and let go,
Everyone has a fate
Its OK if I will get it late..

Only thing that clicks my mind,
is to breathe deeply
because that's the only thing 
I have in my hands
and let's see what happens in the



  1. hmmm well do your best and forget about result it will come when it comes ..

    sad poem


  2. I feel like that sometimes.. Unable to control or dictate things the way I want. An invisible hand pulls me down.

    Well expressed.. But, there's always a new day ahead when I feel different from the day that passed.

  3. Absolutely right, try hard but not endure the pain.

  4. Things always get better, so just move on ... success will soon knock your door :-)