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Tuesday, 25 August 2015


Either to hold or to release,
questions that gently squeeze
They drive me into a dilemma,
as if it is a typical cinema
Believe it or not
it hits like a shot.

I need a intuition,
to make strong decision
Its not that tough
only I need to aside this bluff.

A single thought, as a seed
can push me to lead
At the farthest place, I wanna go
to make a new rainbow....


Monday, 17 August 2015


Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable... Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals.
 -Martin Luther King, Jr.

Sacrifice reminds your goal in life, and motivates you to work hard at every single step. Different people have different perception for the word, but it is something that keeps you awake for nights. Sacrifice needs strong will power and internal balance, because it is not about a day or two. 
My Dictionary says "SACRIFICE" means give up (something valued) for the sake of other considerations.
Have you ever sacrificed something?
If yes.... then what?

Bigger the sacrifice, bigger would be the taste of success. Sacrifice something you love most, something you can never ever assume your life without! Why I am emphasizing this again and again, is because when you see your sacrifice, it gives you strength to fight back, it gives the courage and amplify your efforts.
What do you love most?
Can you assume your life without it?
Can you sacrifice it till you reach your destination?

It can be anything, hobby/ person/ place/ habit/ eatables. But it should be something that gives you enough pain to put you on, every time you see it. Struggle is a part of life, but important is to have a chasing attitude.  No sacrifice is big or small, it may or may not mean for others but you need to decide, how much significant is that sacrifice for you?

Believe me, the day you reach your destination you will love that sacrifice more. So plan a sacrifice, go ahead! All the best!


Monday, 10 August 2015

HR Talks

“Human Resources isn’t a thing we do. It’s the thing that runs our business.” 
 Steve Wynn, Wynn Las Vegas

For any organization to work efficiently, it is essential to have Resource and the most important resource is HUMAN. 

In a world where nobody want to share anything, and keep everything confidential it is difficult to establish a knowledge sharing environment. And if it comes to a sensitive department like HR, it becomes even more complex. It may even be termed as illegal, if any thing you shared with an outsider is noticed by management's eye. That is how typically an individual is bounded to not to reveal anything outside the organization. 

On the other end networking is very important. Professional networks always helps an individual to grow in carrier and gain knowledge from all the directions. Networking is the way, through which knowledge and experience can be shared from generation to generation, and also ensures development.

But how can a professional pass-on knowledge, if they are bound with confidentiality?
There should be a platform where professionals can come together an give their inputs, so that problems can be minimized and their can be productivity gain among individuals. 

On that certain note EngineerBabu took a very good initiative.

They invited all HR professionals from the city to share their understandings on "EMPLOYEE RETENTION STRATEGIES" and discuss on the issues they face as a HR professional. The theme of the meet was very efficiently communicated and enlightened by the speaker of the event Mr. Amit Pandey
The event was then followed by one to one discussions, and as fresher in the professional world it was very helpful. I am sure it will help me a lot to take decisions and enhance my performance.

Thanks for organizing the event  Aditi  and Shanki, as it enhanced my networking and groomed my skills. I look forward for some more similar events in the near future.


Friday, 7 August 2015

An Indeed Moment to Cherish!

It was a normal day, I was surfing my Facebook page. Suddenly a message blinked from one of the team members of  that they want to display my blog on their site in the category of Top Emotions and Feelings blogs of India. 

They said that,we have recently started a series on Top Blogs in India to honor the highest quality blogs running in India and let our users know of the same. Your blog "Apparition of M.I.N.E." has been selected as one of the 13 Feeling and Emotions blogs in India by our editorial team and we are currently writing the piece which would be published on our website in a week's time.

 I appreciated the offer and agreed on it.

Yesterday evening I heard again from BAGGOUT team, mentioning that the post is now live on their website. It was an immense feeling when I saw the post Top 13 Feelings and Emotions blogs in India and my blogs name in the list.

I decided to pay my gratitude to the team that they considered me among the Top 13 bloggers of India. It is really a pleasure, when somebody recognize the work and efforts. One more feather added in my Blog's cap, and I am sure it will appraise me more to keep up the good work.

Thank you once again Baggout Team!


Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Meeting her again is like a fantasy!!

After years I am going to see her today. I wonder how much she would have changed in these years. No one from the whole batch is in contact with her. But I was filled with joy, when I saw her name in the registration list of this year’s Alumni Meet. I am unable to sleep at nights in the excitement, that we will meet again in the same venue where we once started our journey. In the precedent years I have tried so many times to find her, but no one has a single clue for her. Nobody knows where she is!!
I am hopeful for her even today, and the moments of our love still brings smile on my face. In four years of our affair, she never turned so angry at me, then the day we broke up. And I still curse that moment and those situations, which separated us for all our lives.
I still remember how her family forced her for marriage. And when the state of affairs turned worse she asked me about our future. I was not ready to marry that time, because as an elder son it was my turn to pay back to my mother’s struggle. I lost my father when I was 18, and my mother brought me up along with two siblings. Between the two options of family and love I chose family and hence we broke up.

I start shivering when I recall her eyes shedding billions of tears at the time we departed. I am still guilty for the pain I gave her.  Her aching face often comes in front of me, filled with mixed emotions when we waved off for the last time. Her choked throat still asks me the question…. Why can’t we????
I became an entrepreneur, and own a profit earning company today. My mother tried to convince me several times for marriage but somehow I managed to avoid her all the time. I have everything in my life today, except her. She got engaged forcefully to a guy of her family’s choice but no one knows about her, after that. She might be a mother now, and she might look fatty than before. After all five years is a long time to convert a beautiful girl into a typical house wife. I don’t know she will talk to me or not, as I am the culprit who ruined her life. My patience had lost all the limits, and I am eager to see her.
Meeting her again is like a fantasy!!

Here comes the day. The Alumni meet, for which I was waiting restlessly. I am here before the stated time, as I don't want to miss anything today. Some of my friends joined me an hour latter, but my eyes were still in search of my princess. The function started with the formal lightning in front of goddess followed with a welcome speech. My eyes were locked on the entrance, for which I was continuously getting tease from my friends.

There she is!

In a pink suit, open hairs, wearing a formal smile on her face. She is still the same beautiful girl, delivering charm and attracting everyone with her innocent eyes. She came in, and joined some of my colleagues in the front rows. I was speechless, I want to hold her tight in my arms again and regret for my deeds. I want to cry loud in front of her, and let her know that I still love her. But I know, I can't!!

After the formal function, the batch started interacting forming various groups. I addressed her directly. Our eyes met, she passed a simple smile as if she has thousands of complain in her heart. And why not, It was me who broke her heart into pieces. Tears started rolling down from my cheeks, and I was unable to utter a single word. She stood idle for sometime and then started moving towards the entrance, holding my hands into hers. 

Despite of the fact that she is married, she took me to the place where we used to share our love before some years. She left my hands, and looked in my eyes. I was confused, by the marathon of thoughts and her gesture. I somehow recollected myself and asked her.. How are you?
How am I looking right now?? ...she asked.
I am sorry for my deeds.. I said.
Its ok! It don't hurt anymore.. she said.
(With an expression of sarcasm on her face)

Both of us stood quite for sometime. Some how to carry on the conversation, I just asked... where are your kids?
She didn't replied anything, but gave a dramatic look!
How is your husband... I asked then.
I left him along with my family, the next day I got married.. She said.
Like a dumb I asked... why??
With a choking voice she said... Instead of ruining somebody's life, it is better to leave before we start.
But what about your family?? ..i asked.
My family would have never permitted me to do this, and hence I decided not to cheat my soul for their sake... She replied.
Then where were you in these years?... I asked.
I somehow managed to survive!... she replied.

I am filled with anger. I started screaming on her, for not contacting me again. I scolded her for the foolishness she did. It was hurtful for me, that she suffered a lot but now it is paining more after knowing her present. I spoke everything that came in mind.She didn't responded anything. Not even a single word!

I am talking to you.. I shouted!
yes, I know.. She said politely.
Then why didn't you ever tried to come back to me.. I screamed again.
I just thought, you are not in my fate.. She said.

I pulled her in my arms and hugged her for her innocence. Both of us started crying like a kid. You are still a fool.. I said slowly in her ears. She just lost herself after that and outbursted everything into tears. 
I am happy. 
I am grateful to GOD, that I have my girl again and I promise not to loose her for the rest of my life.


Monday, 6 July 2015

Let your ponytail turn stylish!

Making a new hair style every morning is really a big deal!Specially in case when you have to punch in on the right time,in office. A good hairstyle cherishes your mood and at the same time a bad one can ruin whole day. And this is a big challenge specially in rainy season, when everyone suffers with hair fall.  A ponytail is hence always preferred. Ponytails are great for a lot of things -- saving time in the morning, keeping hair out of your face, protecting your tresses from grabby babies -- but they’re not always the most stylish option if all you do is wrap an elastic around a hastily gathered hank of hair.
Opting this hacks, life is now easier for me. 

1. Bangs. A little fringe up front makes a ponytail look like an on-purpose hairstyle rather than just a utilitarian solution to a problem.
2. Headbands. Fabric, plastic, metallic, jeweled, wooden – headbands are an easy way to bring a punch of style to a boring old pony.
3. Color. A streak of a surprising shade can amp things up, either permanently with dye or temporarily with spray or hair chalk.
4. Braids. A few messy braids add just enough interest to take your ponytail to the next level.
5. Go high. To get the look of a trendy high pony, bend over, flip your hair forward, and gather the strands together slightly higher than your crown.
6. Go low. Hair tied at the nape of the neck is easy and elegant; sweep it to one side over your shoulder and you’re perfectly posh.
7. BarrettesHair accessories aren’t just for little girls. To keep them more chic than cutesy, go for simple designs, natural materials, and interesting textures rather than cartoony shapes.
8. Tease the top. To give your ponytail a modern-retro shape, back-comb the top and keep the sides sleek and smooth.
9. Tease the tail. If your hair usually falls flat, tease in some texture – add dry shampoo for a bit of grit, then back-comb it into fabulous fullness.
10. Scarf. A scarf tied at the back is a great way to add style and color to your look, and worn forward over your hairline, it can also do wonders for the postpartum wispies or growing-out bangs.
11. Accessorize. Wearing statement earrings, a bold necklace, or a top with an interesting neckline or back makes your ponytail make sense.

Even a ponytail looks stylish with my office wears and it even gives me a tag of a descent girl.  Now, i don't think so much before any meetings about my hairs. I know they will be perfect and stylish too.

I shared this tips with my cousin who is doing her graduation. She was amazed with the tips and even she started opting one of them before leaving for her college , every day. Small things can make a big change, and when its about your looks a hairstyle plays very important role in it. 

Apart from the above tips , I have one more to share. This days people fall for straight hairs, but it is not suggested to use a straightener daily, as it results into damaged hair. I have a natural tip for all of you. 
Once you wash your hair, tie it hard in the wet condition. And apply comb in it again and again, by doing so number of times your hairs will turn straight. Go try it!

Please Visit Rewardme/ Beauty/ Skin-care for more tips
“I am participating in the ‘Ready For Rewards’ activity for Rewardme in association with BlogAdda.”

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

For the Last time!

Every time, I thought of Success
I failed!
I failed for 100 times!
I think even more than that

I learned to bear disappointment 
and a dishearten feeling,
that rule my mind all the time

Every one around, have lost there hope
in me..
and my dreams.
I thought to leave my Idea
something I've thought for years 

Before leaving I wanted to try
One last time,wholeheartedly!
So that,
I never regret for it in future.

I tried once again!
..for the last time..
with fear ruling inside
and suffocation of losing it,this time

I got it!
I got it!
Something I have been looking for years
something that poked me in drear

I am happy that I tried
for the last time
and I am sure I will never regret for it
in future...


Sunday, 24 May 2015

Poor Mirror!

Poor Mirror! 
I have heard from childhood 
That you reflect everything.. 
Today morning, when I stood in front of you
I could not find any reflection 
Of my feelings.

Can you reflect them for me
If possible???
As I am not capable any more as before,
To pour in words, what I feel
And this world could not understand me, until I show it hard

Dear Mirror,
Can you help me out?
Or should I loose the hope,
And leave the feelings unexpressed!

~ Noopur ~

Saturday, 21 February 2015


Either right or to the left,
I wonder which side would be the best?
Standing on a point, where everything is puzzled
and life knocks me with its knuckles...
Either I should leave my morale,
Or should stand by??
Is their someone who can answer, WHY??????

People say that,
God always keeps at-least a door open....
But all my believes,
 are now frozen!!
Every night I plan something,
and the very next day
I witness the failure of everything....

I raise questions on the things I trust
And I hate someone consoling me,
that people suffer even worst!!!

Its better to drop down things
and let go,
Everyone has a fate
Its OK if I will get it late..

Only thing that clicks my mind,
is to breathe deeply
because that's the only thing 
I have in my hands
and let's see what happens in the