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Saturday, 13 December 2014

You are very important to me...

You are very important to me... I can not imagine my life without you!!

Everyone of us have heared this magical lines, from our friends, relatives, soulmate, etc. People really mean it at the time they confess it.. But why do this words loose their effect as the time pass by?
I really need to ask, what actually happens to the bonding we share with people. People too close to our heart. We share every moment with them and assume their presence in our life for the lifetime.
But why do this fragrance vanish?
Does time really has the power to ruin the relations we make in life?
I have seen others ..finding an answer for this same question.
Have you ever came across the same situation? And can any one of you point out the answer for me?



  1. This situation is quite existent everywhere. The people whom we consider to be omnipresent in our lives, often go into oblivion without any clue. And that ends up really weird.
    The reason may not be so perfect, yet so obvious. Along the persistent flow of time, the change in priorities is the reason for the situation you asked. The promises of lifetime are obviously not forgotten, but some other promises take precedence over that list.
    Eventually, what happens is what we have seen!

  2. Yes, I have witnessed this situation. Maybe it's a phase of life where we cannot live without the other. As time passes we change. Even I couldn't imagine my life without friends! But now I do anyways!!y

  3. The first time a spouse touch his/her partner, a thrill/electricity goes through the body. After 5 years of marriage, a spouse touch his/her partner, there is no reaction. Why? That fragrance vanish? I think it is because of familiarity. I may be wrong.