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Monday, 21 July 2014

All my zest!!

We should always pay our gratitude for the things we are zest for, and I am great full to Blog Adda, giving a chance to express my feelings for them. There are many things in my life for which I feel Zest, but they asked me to mention any 5. So, here are the reasons I am Zest for……

1) My maternal grandfather: Who is no more in this world today, but he is somewhere in my memories. Without him I could have never understood what a father’s love is!!

He made me a confident and a brave girl. I miss the way he loved me, an unconditional love. A person who have never expected anything from me, but always poured his love on me. No one in this world has ever cared for me, the way he did. I am zest to God that he has blessed me with a beautiful relation.

2) My Blog: After coming in blogger world, I feel like a free bird. Free to fly in the sky of thoughts and express whatever I feel. I am great full to the people who follow me and encourage my little efforts every time. It’s a great space where I met many people and have made Friends. There are blogs who motivated me to write more, and sometimes I turned too emotional after reading all their stuffs. People in this world have lots of sadness, but blog is a space where they can express it and gain an enthusiasm to life this life happily.

3) Myself:I am zest to have myself. Though I have many flaws, still I love myself. And my love for myself doubles when people pour their love on me. The relations I live, the friendship I promised, the skills I have and there are lot of things I love. This is the first time in my life I am expressing my zest for myself. I hope my readers will not have a misinterpretation and will agree with me.

4) My pet: Yes I have a DOG, and I feel wonderful about it. Animals are always your companion and beautiful creature of God. I can play with my Dog for hours and regain my childhood. Because of my Dog, I get a feeling of safety whenever I am alone at home. I love the way my Dog listens me, whenever I sit beside and cry for silly things. Atleast there is someone in this world who can always be around to cheer me up.

5) Blogadda:I am really zest to write this post for you. And I am feeling amazing after expressing my emotions to those who mean a lot to me. Rarest are the times when you can go with the flow and express all the emotions out to the world, for everything you are zest about. Thanks a lot once again!!

This post is writen for a contest Zest up your life in an assosiation of Tata Zest and Blog Adda

1 comment:

  1. Those are good points and Grandfathers are the best, and I too have been blessed to have my grandfather in my life ..

    all the best with the Zest :)