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Saturday, 21 June 2014

Have you retired from blogging?

Weird question asked by one of my blogger friend....

And I was blank..having no answers.

As there is no new post on my blog from months, his question was right. I replied him, that not actually but I will write a post soon. I gave him some excuses on the same time, explaining the reason why I am not writing these days. 
He replied : Not everyone in this world can pen down the inner emotions, so value the quality God have blessed you with.

His reply made me think and rethink again. Somewhere I was feeling good because of the quality but on the other hand I felt so bad because actually I have not wrote anything from a long time. Even I was unable to remember my last post at that time, and this is really a worst situation for a writer.

I was wondering from morning that what to write about?
And I felt shit, when a voice came from inside..... How to write? :(

Finally I decided to thank him in my new post, because if I love doing something I can not give excuses. And I am really feeling very good after writing this post.

Yes you were true when you said:

Thank you so much my friend. :)



  1. Welcome back. a nice read indeed.


  2. कल 22/जून/2014 को आपकी पोस्ट का लिंक होगा पर
    धन्यवाद !

  3. Waah ... kuchh to asar hua :p

  4. :) so I guess we shud all ask the moment we dont see activity here :)

    how are you doing ...


    1. Hahaha haha... That will be a good cure I guess :)

  5. keep writing....writing is a therapy!