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Monday, 23 June 2014

मेरे प्रयास....

न पीछे देखना संभव 
न अब लौटना मुम्किन 
यह सच हे कि यह ज़िन्दगी 
 संघर्ष का पथ,
लेकिन साथी!!
मेरी भी ज़िद हे 
की जब तक मेरा 
अस्तित्व हे मेरे प्रयास 
निरंतर चलते रहेंगे!!!!

~ एक अंजान लेखक की कलम से ~ 

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Muskurane ki wajah tum ho... :)

People in this world always smile for a reason. There is always somebody, or something around us, who makes us smile. Sometimes we don't even realize the reason behind our smiles, but we should always thank the reasons.

Yesterday night when I was listing this song, I started thinking about the reasons. Reasons behind my smile.. Reasons that cherishes me many times..All the faces started coming in my mind, those personalities who mean a lot in my life and I can not even assume my life without them.

My family..

My friends..

My achievements..

My pet..

So today I decided to thank everyone,and feel grateful about everything I have. People are asking me in reply that what happened to me today, but I am really feeling good after expressing them that

YES..........You are the reason to SMILE!!

But after them, there is something more. Things that are very important to me. I being a writer, always feel grateful towards my Diary as it is a big reason to smile. Whatever I am feeling I can pen down, and then post it on my blog.

So after diary I am grateful for my blog, as I can share my thoughts with my readers and they appreciate them if they find something good, and correct me if I make mistakes. And there are many more things in life I feel grateful about.

We all live our life and always complain about the bad experiences, we don't even fail to blame GOD for everything happening to us. But we never thank him about the good things, he blessed us with. We never thank those good things, for which we smile and feel wonderful. So try to thank them and believe me that you will feel awesome after it. The same way I am feeling today. And those people will turn more happier when you will express your heart to them. Remember....

“Love is not complete, untill you express it to the one you love.”

I did my part.. Now its your turn....!!


Saturday, 21 June 2014

Have you retired from blogging?

Weird question asked by one of my blogger friend....

And I was blank..having no answers.

As there is no new post on my blog from months, his question was right. I replied him, that not actually but I will write a post soon. I gave him some excuses on the same time, explaining the reason why I am not writing these days. 
He replied : Not everyone in this world can pen down the inner emotions, so value the quality God have blessed you with.

His reply made me think and rethink again. Somewhere I was feeling good because of the quality but on the other hand I felt so bad because actually I have not wrote anything from a long time. Even I was unable to remember my last post at that time, and this is really a worst situation for a writer.

I was wondering from morning that what to write about?
And I felt shit, when a voice came from inside..... How to write? :(

Finally I decided to thank him in my new post, because if I love doing something I can not give excuses. And I am really feeling very good after writing this post.

Yes you were true when you said:

Thank you so much my friend. :)