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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Which way to go??

Which way to go, I really don’t know!

Things happen in life automatically, or I should say that if you don’t decide anything for yourself things happen to you in the way you never wished to do them.

Is it lack of planning?

Or just your avoidance?

With a bottomless thought I must say that this dilemma is bad in both professional as well as personal life. A coin always has two sides and life always put you in situations where you need to decide which way to go.
Sometimes you don’t know that you should stay in a relationship or it is better to move on. Relations are like a roller coaster ride, they always have ups and downs. But the most important is the bond you share. A fight does not mean that everything is over now. By relationship I do not mean a love affair or a married life, I mean every relation and every person we are attached with.

I have often seen people confused in their carrier line too. And not exactly people this list even includes me. This outer world always tries to guide you that what is good/bad for you. When you come out of your eggshell, you see that there are thousands like you, because people love giving free advice. And out of all those advice you select one because you relay on the person who gave it. Wrong…wrong…wrong…!! Because in fewer time you will realize that is not exactly, what you wanted to do. You don’t understand that how to let go all the situations and come up in sunshine.

It’s not just about a decision, but it is about our capability to decide. If things go wrong we blame everything we can. We blame our every relation and start getting into frustration. We hurt people we love most and turn into a negative individual.
But the fault is all yours. It was you who heard advice instead of listening you inner voice. It was you who never gave a deep thought to anything, and never talked to yourself. Taking advice is good to a certain extent, but listening inner voice is the most important thing. We never think twice and often make mistakes, mistakes that sometimes ruin our life.

It’s better to sit alone for some time and get the rid of it. It is you who will lead life and witness good and bad,not the person who is giving advice. So better to stand on the decision you have made for life because at the end of the day it is you who have made it! 



  1. I think when i was growing up, my parents did not give me the confidence of decision making, it was not that they were bad but it was the way it was then .. nowadays I have seen kids are given more power to make decisions..

    Yes it was all our fault we tried to please everyone then rather than trying ot do what we wanted to do ..

    rightly said ..


    1. Exactly the same I feel because when others take decision for us we lack in making decision by our own.

      I welcome you again..your presence here is always valuable

  2. True ... there is always this dilemma, but then, with time we learn :-)

  3. I have one guide in such situations - I will listen to all the advises from "elders" and do exactly the reverse of what the majority of them tell me. It always works, trust me :P

    Destination Infinity

    1. Hahaha... That always work I guess :D