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Saturday, 10 May 2014

GOD never gives a second chance :(

Living life with you was a miracle,
Without you life is like a curse....

Everything you thought me, revolves in my mind. Like a merry-go-round I feel sometimes because this feelings are getting stronger with every turn. I dont feel like doing anything, I am now reserved to myself. Often I wonder if GOD can beg me a single chance to meet you, so that I can pour all my tears while sleeping in your lap. I can not even define how I feel whenever somebody talks about you...

After loosing you I can just say, that give happiness to everyone and live in your every relation. You never know which moment is the last one to see them,  because GOD never give us second chance to meet the one we've lost forever....



  1. Hello , How are you ..

    Life is funny , makes us do things which we might not want ot do ..
    and no second chances ... this is it


  2. Any loss leaves us feeling lost Noopur, but life is all about taking solace from the happy moments and lessons from the not-so happy ones with us as we continue to hope for life to unravel its mysteries.

  3. life is full of ups and downs,gradually accepting this phrase seems really tough,but then one accepts it and starts living with it!!
    pain is a part of life too...we adapt sooner or later..
    life gives u a second chance only when you let go the past completely :) so smile and let go :)
    really beautiful post :) keep writing :)