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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Hand in hand....

I turn once again
to witness you some more
And I realise..
You were also waiting for me to turn..
Our eyes exchange the feelings
and words remain silent

You are at one hand distance to me
But i feel.. you are many miles far...

Its harder for me to speak
but some how i made my efforts..
And before i could start
you keep your fingers on my lips..

'Silence speak more'... you say
and with your words
I get deeper meanings
And we turn more emotional,this way....

Its time to depart.. we realise
But I dont want to go anymore..
Atleast not this way...
And with this note..i decided to stay!!
To live with you..hand in hand
for life & lifetime.....


Thursday, 14 November 2013

You to stay...

I needed u to stay
Stay beside me..

It is not that I can not hold myself
Or I wanted some support..
But I trusted you
Trust that I have somebody
On whom I can relay,

But you proved me wrong,
 Wrong once again..
I free you now
Free from my emotions..
Free from my life..

You can definately walk out
Out from my world
Out from my thoughts..

And I promise,
I ll make myself smile..and stand..

And I ll love myself again
More than ever and ever...


Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Platinum Day Of Love

My back resting on the door of my room, legs folded closer to me. My heart is full of anger and my mind is busy in recollecting the dilouges i exchanged with my hubby in the dispute we had some hours before. I hate such issues that turn into fights and then leave me thinking for hours. I don't know what he may be thinking, and if he is also angry to me. Though we have a strong bonding..the bonding that gets stronger each day, but such fights disturbs me a lot.

Thinking several thoughts I realised sombody is knocking the door. I got up to open it and here he is!! I dont have courage to look in his eyes else my tears will start rolling down my cheeks. He steped ahead and st ood for a moment, I looked up and got surprised with his smile. He dont want to fight more, he dont want to argue more. I can read his love for me in his eyes and I can die to see this miracle on his face. I did'nt spoke a single word and even he did'nt, we were just standing there eyes in eyes. I wanted to hug him and kiss him. My anger disappeared and I can do any thing for him this moment. And I felt his hand on my cheeks wiping out tears... the tears that came automatically. I love you!! he said...and i was smilling once again. He moved his hands from my cheeks to his pocket and took out something. Shining it is!! He took my hand in his hand and that ring is shining more on my ring finger. He kissed my hand along with that platinum ring and everything is perfect now.

I dream to have this Platinum day of love..and this is my entry for indiblogger contest Platinum day of love