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Friday, 25 October 2013


 I wonder...
How can one keep on expecting from a single individual?? Thousand times we serve them but still they never satisfy...
I have heared many times that things are expected from you because you've fulfilled them in your past. But is it a curse??
Though you have did
 innumerous things for people, it ruins in a single moment when you act something opposite to what they expected....
I just want to ask, dont we have our own life??
If we stay on your expectations, dont we have some right on you??
Its easy to expect things from others but difficult when others keep expectations from you...
Anything beyond limit is always harmful, and sometimes you may loose the respect you have.....



  1. Expectations always get on to the nerves if they are just a pain to you and nothing else.
    I am sure people expect, but then the expectation is when running out of comfort level, they are just a pain and nothing more.
    I so agree with your point Noopur.
    This is a very true.

  2. That's y I wrote this post dea :)

  3. So its better to set limits in everything and learn to say no earlier than later.

  4. I guess this is the best thing I should do....

  5. Expectations can either make or break you, it's how you take it and what you do with it :-)