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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Into the list of Top Blogs....

I find myself blessed since the journey of my blog started...
In the late months of 2011 I wrote my first post and I gave my world a name Apparition Of Mine

Many people have asked me several times my followers..and once in an interview i was asked to explain what is the meaning??

Here I reveal...
Apparition Of Mine means "My Shadow"

Here i wrote my feelings which I never shared with anyone...
Here I made people loving me more and more...
Here I met new people encouraging me...
Here my words got value...and I got more reasons to love myself <3

What actually it means to me??
Well I can just say that I can write here whatever I feel. Here nobody asks me a question..Only I get love from my followers and in numerous readers...

Here I got another achievement and this time my blog is included in Indian Top Blogs
And this is like an appreciation to me that you people read me more and more and that motivated me all the time...

All I need to say is... THANK YOU READERS for reading me and because of you I feel more courageous ....
I promise to continue my work.. and I hope you people will love it as usual :)


Saturday, 14 September 2013

"MY LONELY WORLD... :-( ...!!!!!

I am going to be away,,
and 'll remain alone in my way......

Nobody seems to be there,,
Now with whom I'll share???

Will they remember me??
I just need a moment to see....

I'll be so lonely without them,,
why life is playing this game???

What's the mistake I've committed??
just the answer I needed...!!!!

Is there someone with me??
I just beg them at my knee....

Just a hand to care...
I don't know,, What is fair...

I've so many questions in my mind,,
Atleast,, one to be kind...

I think,, life is so cleaver...
I'll forget them never...

Will keep them in my heart,,
Let,, Everything be apart....

I'm like a seashore,,
Which will remain incomplete...I'm sure....!!!!!


I'm going to be away,,
And will remain incomplete in my way....!!!!!


Thursday, 5 September 2013

Happy Teachers Day!! :)

बात समर्पण की हो
या फिर विश्वास की
 तुम मशाल हो मेरी
अंधेरे से उजास की। …. 

मुश्किलें चाहे कितनी हो
 हो ठोकर हज़ार
तुम प्रेरणा हो मेरी
गिर कर फिर उठ जाने की। …. 

सीख चन्द्रगुप्त को दी चाणक्य ने 
और एकलव्य ने पाया ज्ञान द्रोणाचार्य से
 इसीलिए कहते हे गुरु बिना ज्ञान नहीं 
और शिष्य का  संसार नहीं। ….

हू अग्रसर  में तुमसे
हू प्रेरित में तुमसे
ज्ञान का ये दीपक
हे प्रज्वलित तुमसे। ….

करती हू नमन
में चरणों में तुम्हारे
जो रंग तुमने भर दिए
रंगों भरी उड़ान में। ….

~ नूपुर ~ 

Sunday, 1 September 2013

... मन ...

वीरान हे कहि
अन्जान हे कहि 
जाने क्यू ये समंदर सा मन 
आज सुनसान हे कहि ….

 कितने ही राज़ हे गहरे 
जिनका कोई हमराज़ नहीं
कितने ही सपने हे सुनहरे 
जिनका कोई आकर नहीं….

मन का मौसम 
तो जेसे पतझड़ ही हे
देखा करे आकाश में
 उम्मीदों से
जाने किस पल 
छलक जाये रंगों की बूँद।।

वर्षा हो खुशियों की
 और ज़िन्दगी फिर हरियाली हो जाए.…. 

~ नूपुर ~