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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Love At First Sight

I was blank that day..totally blank I must say...
It was quite an unexpected change..a big change in my life..
It was my admission in a post graduation programme, and offcourse that day was my induction in the new college...
I was missing my friends, those who met me in my graduation...and those who are mine for the life time..
I was sitting quite, thinking and thinking again... everything was boring around. All those formal long..long speeches from the higher authorities welcoming us in there college...
How boring I am sounding so one can easily predict what I was feeling that day.....

All this thoughts were messing up in my mind and the very next moment I was blank again..This time for a good cause!!
Thoughts that were running like a marathon athelete suddenly stopped as if they crossed the end point and celebrating the joy of winning. My eyes that were looking here and there in the ceremony hall one moment before, are now locked. 

Yes!!! I was staring him... wider was my eyes.. smiling was my face.. and happier I am..

No, I don't believe in LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT...but what was this??
I never felt this way before..not a single time in my four years graduation... Oops.. A feeling of happiness and beautiful was my soul... <3
I took a moment there to think if it was really me? How can I fall for a person,just looking him for the first time... I don't know him..I don't know how he behaves...
So many times I shouted at my pals when they said they started loving someone at a very first sight...but wait..wait... this is happening with me now...

I want to know him more.. I want to talk him more...

But love can not happen this least not for me... I guess it was just an affection .. because simple he is!! ..kind he is!! ...And someone I would ever like to be with :D

..................So a big full stop on this mess...........

Hope I am right this I ??



  1. I'm surprised by this post!!!.. it happens with u??? really!!!!!!!

    1. A real experience can be modified to make it more interesting for my readers.... :D
      Otherwise u knw me sweets :)

  2. Wow ... perhaps you should try knowing him better, and then let it flow ;-)

  3. I don't know how i ended up here on this blog, there are very few english blogs which i regularly read... But i loved every bit of it.. just excellent...

  4. Yes happened to me many times... could be affection. Good luck :D