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Thursday, 4 July 2013

In my complete smile :)

From boring to busy
From lazy to scheduled...
Life has changed its colour once again
This time beautiful....

I can feel the change;
in peoples talk..
And the way they behave....

I'm more
And concerned..

They call it my success
And cheers for my achievement...
There was something missing before
But now they find it complete...

I feel happy to see them satisfied;
And the happiness in there smile...
But there is still something;
Killing me inside...

And i can justify now that
"Success is never an hapiness
Untill you feel yourself satisfied"

There is still more to go
because this is not exactly the way
I wanted to see myself someday...

I've to walk alone some more miles;
Because its the reason that
There is still missing something in my complete smile.... :)