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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Cheers for second!!

It’s been a pleasure for second time that I’m awarded. And this time it’s “CREATIVE BLOGGER AWARD”.

I was very happy that day when I read Sushmit's comment on my blog post, and felt really happy that he awarded me. But I should be sorry to him that I’m very late in posting this, and late in answering the needful questions.

Three things about myself:
1)    I talk too much.
2)    I cannot assume my life without my friends.
3)    I love to tease people.  :D

Two things people don't know about me:
Well I’m an open book, I don’t have secrets.

One thing I would like to change about myself:
Again the same answer, my endless talks. :D

 But here I’m answering his questions…
1)  What is the purpose of meaning? (Matlab ka matlab kya hai?)
  Answer: Meaning has no meaning :D
2)  Who is better, Batman or Superman?    
Answer: I don’t know, really!!

3)  Which are the three worst books you've ever read?
a. Flirt in good faith.
b. The three mistakes of my life.
c. Zero percentile.
4) In your city, is aloo cheaper, or pyaaz?
Answer: well I’ve to ask this to my dady. :D

5)  Do you like horror films? Why?
Answer: I’m not fond of watching movies.           

And now I nominate my CREATIVE BLOGGERS
1.    Yashwant Mathur
2.    Amrit Sinha
3.    Jyoti Mishra
4.    Renu
5.    Rahul Bhatia

My questions to the nominees are
1.    What is your fav. Time pass??
2.    Writing to you is?
3.    Your Fav. Colour?
4.    Define your best friend?
5.    How are you going to spend this summer?

And ending it here…. Cheers!!



  1. Congrats.... You ryt so well and deserv it... Keep it up keep writing

  2. Congrats ... you deserve it buddy :-)

  3. Congratulations..
    and thanks :)
    I'll answer right away I won't keep u waiting :P

    fav time pass: blogging/reading
    writing to me: catharsis, my dumping machine
    fav color: Orange
    Best friend: Sabse kamina dost, literally :P
    summer: all studies :(

    Damn that was tough.. :P

  4. Congrats buddy ....:-):-):-)
    Keep it onn :-):-)

  5. congratulations Noopur ! and thanks you for considering me worthy.