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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Make A wish!!

I wonder many times if really there could exist some magic type of things. No…no not going impractical... But if it could have really existed all of us have changed life according to our moods.
Some would have definitely fulfilled the uncountable wishes!
Some of us have changed the way other people think!
And the most important one, many of us have tried to get back the childhood!!!

Yes I know it couldn’t be, but nothing would be lost if I make a wish. Everybody would have switched from troubles to a new life. A world where everything is perfect!!
We know it cannot happen the way we want, but what if the miracle happens some day??
Not misguiding you people, but just conveying a simple thought that things really happen if we have a strong desire…There might be some reasons of the delay in happiness, but it will be in our fate one day…

It happens with many peoples, even with me…We fear to make a wish!!
Before trying for something we say to our self, that it won’t happen…. But nobody thinks that what if it would have happened??

The problem is with us, because we fear that our dreams will be broken and it will hurt a lot.
Every one of us has a kingdom of feelings in our heart, but we never try to express. We never try to make them possible…because we fear to make a wish!!

Desire has no limits and dreams have no ends, have you noticed ever that you smile automatically when you think about your wishes??
Though you know it won’t come true, but still you think because your happiness is in that wish.
So make a wish!!
And you never know if you could create a wonder…


Tuesday, 5 March 2013

“Beautiful ends to your beautiful braids”

 Whenever I think of my hair braids,
It reminds me my school days!!

When my granny used to make a French plait,
And it used to end at my waist!!

My mom always cared,
If my hairs impaired!!

I loved to swing my hair tail,
And my classmates pulled it here and there!!

Everyone was impressed with my long tail,
And in styling it, I never failed!!

Have a treatment at Sundays,
And cure them with pollution and sun rays!!

This is the secret to have,
“Beautiful ends to your beautiful braids”

This is my entry for Dove Hair therapy contest, On Indiblogger.

Link to the contest


Sunday, 3 March 2013

Thank God!!

Its been a long long time.... was not able to access my blog...
It was a heart sick feeling and i can really not express what I felt..its nearly a month and Omg!!

But Thank God its completely fine now....

And I'm here with a post...a bit sad but emotional!!

They told me to come there,
And I was not so aware. . .

My face with a smile,
For all the laughs in a while. . .

I just gave them my heart,
All the things keeping apart. . .

The memories of my life,
And hard moments with a dive. . .

I loved them like a mad,
And believed with all my faith. . .

Their remembrance in every heart beat,
A world so neat. . .

They stay in my emotions,
And create my own notations. . .

Beside their all lies,
Still I closed my eyes. . .

They told to step ahead,
And I lost in their shed. . .

What was my mistake just say??
And with the question I moved away. . .