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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

I've planned a surprize for him!!

Everything gonna be perfect as  planned before....
The flowers..
The decoration...
The feelings...
And an unconditional Love is adding more glory to this beautiful eve... 
I've planned a surprise for him. And he might be coming at any moment. I'm very excited to see him. In the passed years we shared many evenings but this one is something special, and "something" I can never express.
I'm dressed perfectly, and luckily looking beautiful.

No words can express my love for him, and what 'm feeling right now. It is like I'm having butterflies in my stomach.

Just his arrival is needed, and I'll pour my love on him. And surely he will be happy to see me in this dim light of candles. 
Sometimes you can do anything for a person... You love the way he treats and you love to be called his....
My Emotions are now becoming flare. I can not wait even a min. ...but I've to!!

I remember the day he met me for the first time. And though many years have passed but still I feel the same. In fact, the passed years have added more strength to the bond we share. Lost in my thoughts I forgot, that it is getting late. I decided to call him, but bullshitt .. he is out of reach!!

Now my heart is full of fear, a pain that is killing me inside. He has to come today. Is he okay and fine??, I wanted to know. Many times I've waited for him but this was the longest. What happened to him I really don't know. :(

I've tears in my eyes, and within no time I started crying loudly. I got a strong feeling as if somebody is moving me to and fro and yes somebody is!!

I realized she was my roomy, who got disturbed in her sleep as I cried that loud. It was a dream and when I came back to my sense I cried louder this time. We broke up,in the last evening. And this was like a nightmare to add an insult to injury. 

....Some how she made me fine. And realizing that the situation is under control my roomy slept again switching off the lights. But that night I couldn't sleep... 

Now I'm all alone left with myself, and he is no more in my life to shed love me..and to care!! 




  1. oh it was a dream .. hmmmmmmmmmm

    but i am sure when the dream becomes a reality He wil be there always :)


  2. hey its awesome.. probably you have cut out my heart.. i don't know if its a co incidence or not, but its been few months that i have broken up with "him" and still i get such realistic dreams which adds on to my injuries.. i wonder doesn't guys gets such dreams which can shake them??!! probably its just us..

    1. I too think its just like us...but I wish that you do not get disturbed by such night mares any more... And thank you for following my blog it means a lot to me :)

  3. nice story and made better by pictures..

  4. Beautiful post Noopur...loved your fonts too..what fonts are they?

    The pictures are apt and well used :)

    A Hindi poem depicting romantic dialog between Begum n her miyaji-

    1. They are dancing scripts.... and i've read your post to...loved it...