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Monday, 9 December 2013


हद ए शहर से निकली तो गाँव गाँव चली
कुछ यादें मेरे संग पाओं पाओं चली
सफ़र जो धुप का किआ तो तजुर्बा हुआ
वो ज़िन्दगी ही क्या जो चाव चाव चली

p.s: i dont know the writer of this lines.. liked just shared it.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Words would'nt be needed....

If you could've read it in my eyes
words wouldn't be needed
My eyes would've gave you deeper meanings,
and expressions with deeper feelings
Though blinking of my lashes would've distracted , a few
But you could've witnessed how my emotions flew....

If you could've read it in my eyes
words would'nt be needed
I could've never felt the necessity to pen down,
and could've never met a writer's crown
I never knew, how to write?
and words were never at my side...
Rhyming words together was not my cup of tea
The girl who play with words, was'nt me....

If you could've read it in my eyes
words would'nt be needed...


Sunday, 1 December 2013


वो बात जो अनकही हे
किस से कहू में ???
मेरे मन कि उलझनों में
किसे चुनू में

कितने होंगे फिर तर्क - वितर्क
और समझाइशें। ....
 लेकिन  ये जो बात दिल में हे चुभ रही
केसे बताऊ में ???

हा यू तो एक खुली किताब हू में
जो हे सब बयां हे
पर  इस वक़्त जो  चल रहा मन में
किन शब्दो से बयां करुँ में ???

वो बात जो अब तक कही नहीं
गुत्थियां जो अब तक सुलझी नहीं
स्थिति जो खुद मेने ही बनाई हे
किस तरह बदल दू में ???

 वो बात जो अनकही हे
किस से कहू में ???

 ~ नूपुर ~ 

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Hand in hand....

I turn once again
to witness you some more
And I realise..
You were also waiting for me to turn..
Our eyes exchange the feelings
and words remain silent

You are at one hand distance to me
But i feel.. you are many miles far...

Its harder for me to speak
but some how i made my efforts..
And before i could start
you keep your fingers on my lips..

'Silence speak more'... you say
and with your words
I get deeper meanings
And we turn more emotional,this way....

Its time to depart.. we realise
But I dont want to go anymore..
Atleast not this way...
And with this note..i decided to stay!!
To live with you..hand in hand
for life & lifetime.....


Thursday, 14 November 2013

You to stay...

I needed u to stay
Stay beside me..

It is not that I can not hold myself
Or I wanted some support..
But I trusted you
Trust that I have somebody
On whom I can relay,

But you proved me wrong,
 Wrong once again..
I free you now
Free from my emotions..
Free from my life..

You can definately walk out
Out from my world
Out from my thoughts..

And I promise,
I ll make myself smile..and stand..

And I ll love myself again
More than ever and ever...


Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Platinum Day Of Love

My back resting on the door of my room, legs folded closer to me. My heart is full of anger and my mind is busy in recollecting the dilouges i exchanged with my hubby in the dispute we had some hours before. I hate such issues that turn into fights and then leave me thinking for hours. I don't know what he may be thinking, and if he is also angry to me. Though we have a strong bonding..the bonding that gets stronger each day, but such fights disturbs me a lot.

Thinking several thoughts I realised sombody is knocking the door. I got up to open it and here he is!! I dont have courage to look in his eyes else my tears will start rolling down my cheeks. He steped ahead and st ood for a moment, I looked up and got surprised with his smile. He dont want to fight more, he dont want to argue more. I can read his love for me in his eyes and I can die to see this miracle on his face. I did'nt spoke a single word and even he did'nt, we were just standing there eyes in eyes. I wanted to hug him and kiss him. My anger disappeared and I can do any thing for him this moment. And I felt his hand on my cheeks wiping out tears... the tears that came automatically. I love you!! he said...and i was smilling once again. He moved his hands from my cheeks to his pocket and took out something. Shining it is!! He took my hand in his hand and that ring is shining more on my ring finger. He kissed my hand along with that platinum ring and everything is perfect now.

I dream to have this Platinum day of love..and this is my entry for indiblogger contest Platinum day of love


Friday, 25 October 2013


 I wonder...
How can one keep on expecting from a single individual?? Thousand times we serve them but still they never satisfy...
I have heared many times that things are expected from you because you've fulfilled them in your past. But is it a curse??
Though you have did
 innumerous things for people, it ruins in a single moment when you act something opposite to what they expected....
I just want to ask, dont we have our own life??
If we stay on your expectations, dont we have some right on you??
Its easy to expect things from others but difficult when others keep expectations from you...
Anything beyond limit is always harmful, and sometimes you may loose the respect you have.....


Friday, 18 October 2013

I pray for you...

Hands in hand
you thought me to walk...

Words to words
you made me speak...

With your believes
I got an existence...

Relaying on the blessings
I can step ahead to lead...

You loved me like a princess
and trusted my dreams...

I can not see you in pain
And the days will turn happy again...

With your old eyes
we'll see the world...

With my prayers
God will make you healthy again...


Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Into the list of Top Blogs....

I find myself blessed since the journey of my blog started...
In the late months of 2011 I wrote my first post and I gave my world a name Apparition Of Mine

Many people have asked me several times my followers..and once in an interview i was asked to explain what is the meaning??

Here I reveal...
Apparition Of Mine means "My Shadow"

Here i wrote my feelings which I never shared with anyone...
Here I made people loving me more and more...
Here I met new people encouraging me...
Here my words got value...and I got more reasons to love myself <3

What actually it means to me??
Well I can just say that I can write here whatever I feel. Here nobody asks me a question..Only I get love from my followers and in numerous readers...

Here I got another achievement and this time my blog is included in Indian Top Blogs
And this is like an appreciation to me that you people read me more and more and that motivated me all the time...

All I need to say is... THANK YOU READERS for reading me and because of you I feel more courageous ....
I promise to continue my work.. and I hope you people will love it as usual :)


Saturday, 14 September 2013

"MY LONELY WORLD... :-( ...!!!!!

I am going to be away,,
and 'll remain alone in my way......

Nobody seems to be there,,
Now with whom I'll share???

Will they remember me??
I just need a moment to see....

I'll be so lonely without them,,
why life is playing this game???

What's the mistake I've committed??
just the answer I needed...!!!!

Is there someone with me??
I just beg them at my knee....

Just a hand to care...
I don't know,, What is fair...

I've so many questions in my mind,,
Atleast,, one to be kind...

I think,, life is so cleaver...
I'll forget them never...

Will keep them in my heart,,
Let,, Everything be apart....

I'm like a seashore,,
Which will remain incomplete...I'm sure....!!!!!


I'm going to be away,,
And will remain incomplete in my way....!!!!!


Thursday, 5 September 2013

Happy Teachers Day!! :)

बात समर्पण की हो
या फिर विश्वास की
 तुम मशाल हो मेरी
अंधेरे से उजास की। …. 

मुश्किलें चाहे कितनी हो
 हो ठोकर हज़ार
तुम प्रेरणा हो मेरी
गिर कर फिर उठ जाने की। …. 

सीख चन्द्रगुप्त को दी चाणक्य ने 
और एकलव्य ने पाया ज्ञान द्रोणाचार्य से
 इसीलिए कहते हे गुरु बिना ज्ञान नहीं 
और शिष्य का  संसार नहीं। ….

हू अग्रसर  में तुमसे
हू प्रेरित में तुमसे
ज्ञान का ये दीपक
हे प्रज्वलित तुमसे। ….

करती हू नमन
में चरणों में तुम्हारे
जो रंग तुमने भर दिए
रंगों भरी उड़ान में। ….

~ नूपुर ~ 

Sunday, 1 September 2013

... मन ...

वीरान हे कहि
अन्जान हे कहि 
जाने क्यू ये समंदर सा मन 
आज सुनसान हे कहि ….

 कितने ही राज़ हे गहरे 
जिनका कोई हमराज़ नहीं
कितने ही सपने हे सुनहरे 
जिनका कोई आकर नहीं….

मन का मौसम 
तो जेसे पतझड़ ही हे
देखा करे आकाश में
 उम्मीदों से
जाने किस पल 
छलक जाये रंगों की बूँद।।

वर्षा हो खुशियों की
 और ज़िन्दगी फिर हरियाली हो जाए.…. 

~ नूपुर ~ 

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Love At First Sight

I was blank that day..totally blank I must say...
It was quite an unexpected change..a big change in my life..
It was my admission in a post graduation programme, and offcourse that day was my induction in the new college...
I was missing my friends, those who met me in my graduation...and those who are mine for the life time..
I was sitting quite, thinking and thinking again... everything was boring around. All those formal long..long speeches from the higher authorities welcoming us in there college...
How boring I am sounding so one can easily predict what I was feeling that day.....

All this thoughts were messing up in my mind and the very next moment I was blank again..This time for a good cause!!
Thoughts that were running like a marathon athelete suddenly stopped as if they crossed the end point and celebrating the joy of winning. My eyes that were looking here and there in the ceremony hall one moment before, are now locked. 

Yes!!! I was staring him... wider was my eyes.. smiling was my face.. and happier I am..

No, I don't believe in LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT...but what was this??
I never felt this way before..not a single time in my four years graduation... Oops.. A feeling of happiness and beautiful was my soul... <3
I took a moment there to think if it was really me? How can I fall for a person,just looking him for the first time... I don't know him..I don't know how he behaves...
So many times I shouted at my pals when they said they started loving someone at a very first sight...but wait..wait... this is happening with me now...

I want to know him more.. I want to talk him more...

But love can not happen this least not for me... I guess it was just an affection .. because simple he is!! ..kind he is!! ...And someone I would ever like to be with :D

..................So a big full stop on this mess...........

Hope I am right this I ??


Monday, 19 August 2013

And I Promise . . .

My eyes are blinking ...blinking...
My heart is beating...beating...

Beautiful i am..and the world around..
Charming is the air i feel...

My soul is singing...singing...
My mood is dancing...dancing...

Happier i am..and the same is my life...
Craziness is the way..i go..

Best and better I am becoming...
And ll b the same..I promise..

And I promise again... :)


Saturday, 17 August 2013

After a long time....

I was wondering some days before, since how long I have'nt wrote anything. And then I noticed that how inactive I became this days....
Not only on my blog but also on the social sites. Its been a long time even I have not visited any other blogs and its harder to find my name in the comment box....

I felt wiered for myself. This might be the longest time I was apart from my blog and didnt had any conversation.

But now i want to talk with you all again. It was really a bad time for me and my family as my maternal father suffered from cancer and thank God that it was on its initial stage... he is better now....And so i'am back here again to write... :)

Hope my viewers and followers still remember me :)


Tuesday, 6 August 2013

I don't know why??

I'm Happy,,
But more sad...

I'm Together,,
But more alone...

I'm Joyous,,
But more annoyed...

I'm clear,,
But more confused these days...

I don't know why??


Thursday, 4 July 2013

In my complete smile :)

From boring to busy
From lazy to scheduled...
Life has changed its colour once again
This time beautiful....

I can feel the change;
in peoples talk..
And the way they behave....

I'm more
And concerned..

They call it my success
And cheers for my achievement...
There was something missing before
But now they find it complete...

I feel happy to see them satisfied;
And the happiness in there smile...
But there is still something;
Killing me inside...

And i can justify now that
"Success is never an hapiness
Untill you feel yourself satisfied"

There is still more to go
because this is not exactly the way
I wanted to see myself someday...

I've to walk alone some more miles;
Because its the reason that
There is still missing something in my complete smile.... :)


Friday, 21 June 2013

I know you are there...

In the skies...
In the air...
I can feel ur essence everywhere....

In the oceans...
In the waves...
I can see your shining face there...

The more I think..
The more my eyes blink..

Because i know you are there...somewhere around..
Standing beside me..all the time.. :)


Sunday, 14 April 2013

Cheers for second!!

It’s been a pleasure for second time that I’m awarded. And this time it’s “CREATIVE BLOGGER AWARD”.

I was very happy that day when I read Sushmit's comment on my blog post, and felt really happy that he awarded me. But I should be sorry to him that I’m very late in posting this, and late in answering the needful questions.

Three things about myself:
1)    I talk too much.
2)    I cannot assume my life without my friends.
3)    I love to tease people.  :D

Two things people don't know about me:
Well I’m an open book, I don’t have secrets.

One thing I would like to change about myself:
Again the same answer, my endless talks. :D

 But here I’m answering his questions…
1)  What is the purpose of meaning? (Matlab ka matlab kya hai?)
  Answer: Meaning has no meaning :D
2)  Who is better, Batman or Superman?    
Answer: I don’t know, really!!

3)  Which are the three worst books you've ever read?
a. Flirt in good faith.
b. The three mistakes of my life.
c. Zero percentile.
4) In your city, is aloo cheaper, or pyaaz?
Answer: well I’ve to ask this to my dady. :D

5)  Do you like horror films? Why?
Answer: I’m not fond of watching movies.           

And now I nominate my CREATIVE BLOGGERS
1.    Yashwant Mathur
2.    Amrit Sinha
3.    Jyoti Mishra
4.    Renu
5.    Rahul Bhatia

My questions to the nominees are
1.    What is your fav. Time pass??
2.    Writing to you is?
3.    Your Fav. Colour?
4.    Define your best friend?
5.    How are you going to spend this summer?

And ending it here…. Cheers!!


Thursday, 28 March 2013

Make A wish!!

I wonder many times if really there could exist some magic type of things. No…no not going impractical... But if it could have really existed all of us have changed life according to our moods.
Some would have definitely fulfilled the uncountable wishes!
Some of us have changed the way other people think!
And the most important one, many of us have tried to get back the childhood!!!

Yes I know it couldn’t be, but nothing would be lost if I make a wish. Everybody would have switched from troubles to a new life. A world where everything is perfect!!
We know it cannot happen the way we want, but what if the miracle happens some day??
Not misguiding you people, but just conveying a simple thought that things really happen if we have a strong desire…There might be some reasons of the delay in happiness, but it will be in our fate one day…

It happens with many peoples, even with me…We fear to make a wish!!
Before trying for something we say to our self, that it won’t happen…. But nobody thinks that what if it would have happened??

The problem is with us, because we fear that our dreams will be broken and it will hurt a lot.
Every one of us has a kingdom of feelings in our heart, but we never try to express. We never try to make them possible…because we fear to make a wish!!

Desire has no limits and dreams have no ends, have you noticed ever that you smile automatically when you think about your wishes??
Though you know it won’t come true, but still you think because your happiness is in that wish.
So make a wish!!
And you never know if you could create a wonder…


Tuesday, 5 March 2013

“Beautiful ends to your beautiful braids”

 Whenever I think of my hair braids,
It reminds me my school days!!

When my granny used to make a French plait,
And it used to end at my waist!!

My mom always cared,
If my hairs impaired!!

I loved to swing my hair tail,
And my classmates pulled it here and there!!

Everyone was impressed with my long tail,
And in styling it, I never failed!!

Have a treatment at Sundays,
And cure them with pollution and sun rays!!

This is the secret to have,
“Beautiful ends to your beautiful braids”

This is my entry for Dove Hair therapy contest, On Indiblogger.

Link to the contest


Sunday, 3 March 2013

Thank God!!

Its been a long long time.... was not able to access my blog...
It was a heart sick feeling and i can really not express what I felt..its nearly a month and Omg!!

But Thank God its completely fine now....

And I'm here with a post...a bit sad but emotional!!

They told me to come there,
And I was not so aware. . .

My face with a smile,
For all the laughs in a while. . .

I just gave them my heart,
All the things keeping apart. . .

The memories of my life,
And hard moments with a dive. . .

I loved them like a mad,
And believed with all my faith. . .

Their remembrance in every heart beat,
A world so neat. . .

They stay in my emotions,
And create my own notations. . .

Beside their all lies,
Still I closed my eyes. . .

They told to step ahead,
And I lost in their shed. . .

What was my mistake just say??
And with the question I moved away. . .


Saturday, 9 February 2013

L.O.V.E. ♥ ♥

With the one, I can walk for miles...
Without getting tired and pleasant smiles!!

What is LOVE??
I wonder sometimes?

Is that the same, many books have defined??
Or it is something, that can't be defined??

If my heart could beat that fast??
And a flood of feelings, that vast!!

Could someone be really in my eyes every time??
And, could make me sing anytime??

In the ocean of emotions,
I wish I could flow. . .

In the sky of Love,
I wish I could fly. . .

In the rains .. dancing on my toes..
At the peak of happiness off course!! 

The same I wanna feel..
Because I know, LOVE heals .. ♥ ♥


Thursday, 7 February 2013

Liebster Award - A moment to cherish

What does Liebster mean?
Going by the denotation of its German roots it means Beloved, Boyfriend, Sweetheart & Dearest. 

What is Liebster blog award?
In the context of blog writing, it means giving the honor to the most preferred or best loved blog/bloggers.

Why is Liebster award given?
Liebster Blog Award is an Award that is given by the blogging community to new upcoming and deserving bloggers , (As per the rules set up by the blogging community at large, This award is given to bloggers who have less than 200 followers) in acknowledgment of the good articles and posts they have written. In presenting a fellow blogger with the reward, the nominee is encouraging him/her to continue creating interesting and inspiring posts… And therefore it is also a motivational Award.

At the start of this month I was pleasantly surprised by Anjan Roy and Deepak Kripal
who nominated me for Liebster award.
It’s the time I should express my heartiest gratitude to the author of Anjan Roy's vision-Imagination...!!!  and The original poetry . Continuing with the thanksgiving, wish you this year bestows you with profound heights to both you and your writing. 

There are few rules for receiving and passing on this nomination further:
  1. Kindly thank the person who nominated you and acknowledge him/her by mentioning their blog link for the same.
  2. Each person must post 11 things about themselves
  3. Answer the Questions that the nominator sets for you + create 11 Questions for the people you have nominated
  4. Choose 11 deserving bloggers and link them in your post
  5. Go to their blog and inform them about this by commenting on one of their posts.
  6. Don’t tag back the person who mentioned you.

 First i will be answering the questionnaire that Anjan Roy raised after nominating me.

1) One thing about your personality that you hate the most? - I am very talkative.


2) If given a chance to go back into your past…Name one thing you would change in your life. - Definitely its the failure of my dream, that I am not the one I wanted to be some years before.


3) If you were given just a day to live what’s the first thing you will do? - I'll meet my loved ones for the last time and would donate my diary (on which I write mu poems) to my best friend.


4) What do you prefer the most Love or Friendship… please cite the reason? - Definitely friendship, because I believe one can not be your lover until he is your good friend.  


5) Name one characteristics of a person which will enable you to judge him/her (in terms of good or bad)? - Well, one can be judged by his behavior to others.


6) What’s the one thing that makes you smile? - I don't need a reason to smile, this is that one thing I do most of the times.  


7) If you were born again what would you want to be? - Surely, A dancer cum writer. 


8) Will you want to spend all your life with someone who likes to be with you but doesn’t love you or someone who loves you but for some reasons ignores you? - Yes, without any doubt.


9) Most dreaded dream that you don’t want to come true? - My marriage :D


10) What Life means to you in not more than 5 words.- Love of my loved ones. 


11) Name the most inspiring blog that you came across of late.- Its Jo mera man kahe


And now i will be answering the questionnaire that Deepak Kripal raised after nominating me.

1. Name you will choose for yourself if you are given an opportunity to change your name? - Geet 

2. What can you die for, if anything? - Music

3. Who is your idol? - My Maternal Uncle

4. What will you do if you get to know that there is no God? - I'll still worship, because I badly believe.

5. One thing you wish to change in yourself? - My endless talks. :D

6. Your idea of perfect date? - Just be yourself, don't showoff. 

7. What is your passion? - One and only MUSIC.
8. Can love happen more than once? - Well I don't think so!!

9. First thing you will do if you become God for one day?- I'll change the mentality of all those people who don't respect girls and women.

10. Your favorite blog? - I already mentioned.

11. The reason you write? - The same for what I live "My Soul".
The bloggers I nominate for the award are-

 4. Jay Singh

 7. Sri Valli

11. Saru singhal  

My Questionnaire for those I nominated:

1. If given a chance to be invisible, what will you do?
2. What does your blog means to you?
3. Person you admire?
4. Which is the most embarrassing moment of your life? 

5. If you have to choose a co-author for your blog, to whom will you give this opportunity?

6. One Dream you ever want to come true?

7. What do you feel about my blog?

8. What is that first thing that come in your mind when you read my blog?

9. If given a chance to make a wish that will surely come true...what will be that?

10.  Which is my blog post you like the most and why?

11. If you want to give credits to a person for whatever you are today,to whom you will give and why?

And at last I end saying all of you CHEERS!!


Monday, 21 January 2013

"Me & MUSIC" ♪♫♪♫

At the end of a shiny day,,

I wish to walk on a lonely way. . .

Whole street covered with fallen leaves,,

And a touch of beautiful breeze. . .

The street ends at a lake,,

A world with no hate. . .

A tree behind,,

With a peace in mind. . .

A soft music of birds,,

An explanation with no words. . .

Rest everything so quite,,

With a sunset at some height. . .

Slowly the moon shines,,

With some stars looking fine. . .

A way to my dreams,,

And no place for screams. . .

Where I find only “ME”,,

With my "MUSIC" as my hearts key…!!! 

P.S. :- This is one of my another posts copied from the blog of my Co-Author