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Monday, 1 October 2012



Creativity has no Definitions…!!
Creativity has no Limits…!!!
Creativity has no Boundaries…!!!

"You are creative in your own way,, you cannot force yourself to be creative… It’s a GOD GIFT … Precious & Valuable…."

I’ve seen many people copying others, or forcing themselves to be creative. Your creativity leads you to a stress free life, but if you will copy someone or keep yourself in pressure to create something it won’t work…
Creativity gives you happiness … when you create something new, it fills your soul with a joy … and the person who copies others can not feel the essence of originality.

Small efforts can bring a big change in you, but all that is needed is originality,, in your thinking.
Sometimes when some people see others creating something beautiful, they try to copy them and this idea do not work.... 

Some qualities I really feel that a creative person should have in themselves...

1. Be Original: 
If you are original, you can feel the true happiness in your creations.

2. Be Stress free: 
If you have a stressful mind, then you cannot come out with color's...

3. Think Beyond Imaginations:
When you think beyond your imaginations,, it gives a strength and a new definition to your creativity.

4. Don’t Compare:
When you compare yourself with others,or when you have a comparison with someone you try to be like them. You try to change yourself in the way they think or the way they create.

5.  Don't do it for others:
Some people get forced by there family or in an another way. If you don't have interest you can not give a life to your creations.

6. Give Freedom:
 When you have freedom, you have a feel good emotions in yourself...And that's the only thing needed!

Creativity reflects the idea of the creator, it is fun, it is joy, it is the happiness, it is the soul.... I feel good when I watch someone with new creations. Give life, and fill it with the soul, because at the end of the day people know you because of your creativity.

Be Optimistic!!
Be Creative!!



  1. Loved the messages put forward !!!

  2. Noopur gr8 one !!!
    i got a solution of your template problem. The normal -0-false-false"
    do one thing and follow these steps
    (1) Edit the post
    (2)Cntl+A(select everything)
    (3)Cntl+x(cut)and then update even if nothing is visible in your post
    (4)again click edit button on the dashboard under indivisual post
    (5)cntl+v(paste again) and update
    now you will see the error has gone....

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  4. That was a lovely post. More creativity to you. :)

  5. Thanks,for your comment.^^
    Maybe follow each other???

    1. Sure dear....y not...Pleasure to follow you..
      M there...

  6. Correct... true creativity comes naturally. Very apt images too.

  7. Thank you for sharing this! :)
    Good luck with your endeavours!

  8. This is a beautiful post. Sweet and simple <3


  9. Thanx too have a great blog :)