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Friday, 7 September 2012

Life With Colours.... :)

Whenever you are off...or something bad had happened....
You suffered a lot, and failure is not leaving you and has became a part...At times when you are frustrated, dull, or in other words not in a mood...

People say you should talk with your friends...or listen some good music to cheer yourself... or go for a walk... but sometimes circumstances do not favor... 
what will you do if your friend is not there??
If music is not enough to turn you ON??
If u are tired and not in a mood to walk??

I have another option.... Try to play with colors... they fill a joy in your life and it is been scientifically proved that the rays of different colors has different impact on human moods. That's why we love to be in darkness whenever we are off...and on the other hand we love the light when we are happy.... I would like to share some of the impacts about the beauty of colors...

The color YELLOW fills you with optimism. So whenever you are facing the negative part of life you have a better option, turn yellow...and be an optimist!!

The color BLUE gives you maturity, balanced and reflective environment. 

The color GREEN bless you with refreshment, balancing effect, fertile and harmonious.

The color RED is the color of love, attachment, and romance.

The color WHITE adds simplicity and beauty in life. It gives a satisfaction and is good for healthy eyes.

We have the key in our hands... so open the lock and never be sad. Fill your life with colors and say cheers to life!!!



  1. that was such a colorful post ,loved it :) keep blogging :)

  2. @vinishashah
    Thanx for giving the first colorful comment.... :)

  3. I love this post Noopur!
    Like refreshed the mood totally! :)

  4. interesting post noopur....

    wish u a sky with permanent RAINBOW.


  5. You gave an all new meaning to colors ... well done !!!

  6. @sakshi....
    Happy to see you refreshed... :)

    Thnx a lot for the wishes :)

    @ green speck

    Thnax :)

  7. आज 09/09/2012 को आपकी यह पोस्ट पर लिंक की गयी हैं.आपके सुझावों का स्वागत है .

  8. @ prashant and yashwant ji...

    Thank you very much :)

  9. i needed to read something like this to cheer myself up...thanks to you :)

  10. @saumya...
    Anytime dear.... :)