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Friday, 24 August 2012

Love Marriage "या" Arrange Marriage

Both the side has marriage in common. So it do not matter whether you chose your partner or your parents, the thing that matter is the commitment a marriage should have!!
The topic is that wise that every one of us has some views on that, but I really don’t know why it is always contradictory. Many people say that Arrange marriages are good because our parents have experienced their life so they can take better decision, and on the other side they say love marriages are good because it’s you, who have decided with whom you will live the whole life??
But my opinion is, it do not matter whether your marriage is love or arranged…all that matter is the bond you share with your partner. Once you got married you have many adjustment, commitments, and compromises and so on.
What if your was a love marriage and after some time you realize that your partner is not that loyal to you??
And if your parents chose the best person for you, but still you cannot cope-up??
Marriage is that stage which changes a person’s life. Either you are a boy or a girl, both of you has to understand each other. That’s the only way one can live long life with their partners. In ancient times the scenario was different from that of today, so we need to change our mentality. After you have spent 50 long years with your partner it do not matter that it was love or arranged?? That time you cherish the great time you had with each other. So once you know how special you are,, than who cares it was love or arranged!!!

This was my entry for Sony Entertainment Television and IndiBlogger competition for the program Love marriage v/s arrange marriage.



  1. Very nice.
    In my opinion Arrange Love marriage is good.


  2. Very well said and kind of in line with my own views...:) Good Luck :)

  3. Liked your sweet, simple and apt views on Love ya Arranged!
    Best wishes to you for the Contest! :)

  4. Thanx a lot everyone...for all your valuable comments....

  5. Good to read your views, All the very best!

  6. true and i agree with ur views

    love-marriage-arranged , any permutaion and combination needs all


  7. Nyc to read it... Vry well write....!!!

  8. I really find that serial "topic less" though it is based on a topic!
    I don't really find any point of comparing these two marriages ...both have there own importance and significance and are special in their own way. Comparing is just point less!

    1. I mentioned it in the post itself... that it is my entry for a competition..
      May be you don't agree,, visit again!!

    2. Yeah I know..its just for the competition but still was giving my views on what I think about that serial :)

    3. :D I don't know...I've never seen it... :D