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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Dedicated lines.... :)

Friends are heart of a person...sometimes they tease..sometimes they celebrate...fight...shout...but they are life........
They can fight with the whole world for us...they can cry louder then us...and can act in most stupid way. . 

It is beautiful to write for somebody but you are @ cloud9 when somebody writes for you...
Below are some lines,, one of my best friend dedicated to me on this Friend ship Day.... :))

If you would not be in my life,,
My whole life would be a mess. . .

If you would not be in my life,,
Their would be no friend side by me. . .

If you would not be in my life,,
with whom I would have shared???

If you would not be in my life,,
From whom I would have learn the art of commitment. . .

If you would not be in my life,,
Who had supported me in all the ways. . .

Yes you are in my life being a friend, supporter and everything. . .



  1. really nice!! thogh i got a lil time to b wid u ..but in dat short span of time i find a very gud frnd in u !! so i can say its very aptly written 4 u :) :)

  2. :D :D
    Thnx swati....belated happy friendship day to you too.... :)

  3. sweet poem noopur...
    may god bless u with a gang of true friends to enjoy your life..


  4. Really so beautiful lines!
    Kudos to your friend and you too!


  5. Thnx yashwant ji and anu di... for all your blessings :)

  6. awesome lines yarr sab kuch yadd aa gya yarr teri chai chai........ aur mhewo mhewo.... ashish pal murgi chor.... aur wo extra roti.....shari masti that is one of most memorable part of my life that i will never forget
    thanx to being my friend :)

  7. Beautiful words. Very touching.

  8. @Anand
    Thnx dear

    My pleasure.... That you still remember the masti moments...


    Thnx :)

  9. a beautiful post yar :) loved it! !

  10. Thanx ajaj...and palak. . .