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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The last day..!!

May it be the last day,,
To sleep in my grave today. . .
May everything get an end,,
And all my feelings disappear like sand. . .

It was not the wrong track,,
But, I can’t accept the fact. . .
It was the worst thing I’ve faced,,
I fell down from the height I raised. . .

It sounded so quite,,
But like a jerk in my life. . .
My soul has died,,
Where my GODsurvived. . .

It can not be finished,,
What I’ve heard in a minute. . .
Like a thunder it came,,
And took over everything, with my name. . .

Why they were prior to me??
Why I treated myself as enemy??
It was the punishment to my love. . .
B’coz I worshiped those….Who don’t deserve!!!


Sunday, 29 July 2012

A true love story....!!!

Every story has a beginning......
But some stories never have their end... !!!

.... After a long time he saw her again. She gave him the same smile and his eyes was not ready to miss a single look of her..,,the similar big cute eyes with full of joy and inspirations in them. She asked the boy,if he is okay;; and the boy was quite. In a moment she passed away, with the same tease in her heart of loosing a friend... And tears rolled on,, from his eyes wondering the time they've spent together...!!!

It was the time of their college life... The cool life...!!!

The BOY : Mischievous bad boy, with bad image in college among all,, but yet a good friend with good heart for all his colleagues; with whom he always use to enjoy; drinking, smoking ,etc... Often he comes college but never reach up-to his classes, with no worries of result's he just followed the same routine everyday, to which he called ENJOYMENT..!!

One year later. .. .
New batch joined college,, his group use to call juniors and keep interacting with them for having fun. One day, the boy proposed a girl among their juniors again for fun and to what his friends use to call as "SETTING" !!

The GIRL : Naughty, pretty not good in looks..and with beautiful soul. Everyone use to pretend her wrong for her frankness,, but she was the heart of her friends.

                 She took everything serious,, Yet refused!!!

She didn't even realized that this was only for fun. She dealt the matter very friendly and instead of treating the boy harshly, she handled him with her soft heart. . .
The days went on & on, and they became good friends.. The boy really fell in love with the girl this time; and confessed everything in front of her one day.. She was normal and instead of shouting she smiled :-D 
and said : Its relaxed!!

The girl was comfortable with the friendship but not in the state of being in a relationship with the boy. She had her desires and some different goals for life... Her dream was more precious ,then to be in a relation with the boy.
& Expectations from the girl went on increasing for the boy,, with everyday passing and this gave birth to fights. One day the boy decided, never to talk again as he thought  the girl is not understanding him. The girl excepted and never explained anything this time. She thought,, if her friendship is strong he'll come back again...

After some months he is back again, with a promise that they'll be friends forever and the boy will not repeat the same thing ever. But his heart was unable to stop beating for her. He was strongly affectionate and ready to do anything for her.
The girl tried to make him understand that their is no future if they'll fall in a relationship because of families., but the boy is not ready to except all this again. He again stopped to talk with her. And this repeated many several times.

3 Years passed away with the same thing again and again, and now the girl decided that if he'll come back again, she'll not treat him friendly. Her self respect was badly hurt and she excepted that she had lost his friend.
One day, her phone rang again. She picked up and the boy say's sorry,, but the girl is not the same friend this time.
He did everything to make her understand but she is not ready to cry with the same tears anymore. After her so many tries the boy is not even ready to leave drinking & smoking and also she realized all the lies,the boy told to make her happy.

She didn't need that false happiness but she was hurt for loosing her best friend.

It's very hard to realize that you are no more important to the person for whom once you were everything. It hurt's a lot when you see someday, that you lost a person who was indeed for you.
The boy realized what he had lost. He himself  knew that his family will not accept his love...but yet he didn't had a control over his heart that beats for her, every day.

.....And she passed away, with the same tease in her heart of loosing a friend... And tears rolled on,, from his eyes wondering the time they've spent together...!!!

Because some stories never have their end... !!!


Thursday, 26 July 2012

ज़िन्दगी एक परीक्षा है . . .

"ज़िन्दगी एक  परीक्षा है . . ."

नन्हें क़दम चलकर ,,रोज़ स्कूल बैग उठाकर  नये दोस्तों से मिलने में मज़ा  तो था... लेकिन teacher  ने मुझसे कुछ सवाल पूछ कर रिपोर्ट कार्ड पर जब रिमार्क लिखा तब समझ आया "ज़िन्दगी एक  परीक्षा है . . ."

oral से  written में बदल गई एक दिन ये परिक्षा और सवालों की कठिनाइयां और भी बढती चली गयी..  मम्मी  हर शाम  पढ़ाने  बैठती थी और पढ़ते टाइम मस्ती  करने पर पापा की डाट पड़ती थी..बड़े होते-होते सोचा करते थे सब  दोस्त मिल के,, की  कब स्कूल  ख़तम  होगा और उसी के  साथ ये परीक्षाये. . .

वो घबराहट भरी रातें और वो सवालों से भरे तीन घंटे,, जहा इधर उधर मुड़ने भी नहीं दिया जाता था और गलती से कुछ आवाज़ आ जाने पर  "I want pin drop silence in the class!!" सुनाई  देता था.. तब समझ आया "ज़िन्दगी एक  परीक्षा है . . ."

जिस दिन का इंतज़ार किया था इतने साल, वो भी आ गया था ... 12th class का आखरी पेपर पर इन्तेहाँ तो अभी और भी बाकि था .. जाने क्यों कोई खुश नहीं था उस दिन ,,  शायद सबके दिलों में बिछड़ जाने का गम था ... अब तो सवाल और भी कठिन हो गए और फिर समझ आया की "ज़िन्दगी एक  परीक्षा है . . ."

 नया college, नए लोग ,कुछ अजीब से नियम और सर पर teachers से जादा seniors का दबाव ...याद था अभी भी जब सारे दोस्त एक साथ अगली क्लास में जाया करते थे लेकिन  आज  ये क्या  हुआ??
कुछ तो आगे बढ़ गए पर जाने कितने पीछे रह गए ...समझ नहीं आया पहली बार की अपने लिए ख़ुशी मनाउ या दुसरो के साथ उनका गम बाटू ?
पर ज़िन्दगी एक  परीक्षा है . . .

आज मम्मी क्यूँ  शाम को बेठ के पढ़ाती नहीं ?? और क्यों पापा डाटा भी  नहीं करते  अब ??
जेसे तेसे college भी ख़तम  हो गया,, फिर वही परिस्थिति एक बार,, दोस्तों से बिछड़ जाने का गम ...वो पल जो कुछ आसुओं के साथ बह गए और अपने साथ ये वादा दे गए की अक्सर मिला करेंगे.... पर फिर किसी ने कह दिया , असली इन्तेहां तो अब शुरू हुआ है . . . 

तो और आगे क्या कहू ??
ज़िन्दगी तो सिर्फ और सिर्फ एक परीक्षा है.... जो पास हो गया वो आगे बढ़  जाता है और फ़ैल होने वाला पीछे रह जाता है////

 ~नूपुर ~

Thursday, 12 July 2012

## I NEED YOU!!!

I can’t wait for a moment now,
I wish to have you any how . . .

Though we are miles apart,
But still so close in my heart . . .

You are the only reason to live,
And all my faithfulness I can give. .

Every day I wait for you,
Please give me a little clue. . .

There are many things to say,
And you are the only way. . .

In my life there is a single wish,
To be yours at any risk. . .

You and only you are the one I need,
And in my eyes you can read. . .

Without you I’m like rust,
And my life is such a worst. . .

I’ll be yours one day,
And will achieve you at any pay. . .

Though I know my efforts are few,,
But the only thing I need is


Monday, 2 July 2012


"Story of my healthy hairs"

Healthy hairs are defined as beautiful, long & shiny. And I guess a girl could do anything to get healthy hairs. To maintain healthy hairs is not an easy task, and there are many obstacles in their growth. Hairs require maintenance as well as care & sometimes a treatment too.
Pollution, hard water, bad quality shampoo and over exposure to sunlight are the main reasons for hair damage, which results in hair fall, dryness, dandruff, splitting and so on. Sometimes over dosage of tablets, drugs, drinks may also be the reason. Many experts and doctors have proved that.

Change of hormones is the another and one of the main reasons. A teen ager  can suffer hair damage due to hormonal changes,but proper care and expert advice helps a lot to overcome the problem.
I too had suffered a lot from this problem and the reason was pollution & dust. Had changed a number of shampoos, took treatments, discussed with many friends, took Ayurvedic as well as elopethic  treatment but the result was zero. :( :(
I just loved my hairs and this damage was slowly increasing my mental pressure. I was really worried. I still remember, my mother applied onion paste in my hairs and the smell didn't went up to a week, and even with 10 times hair wash ;( ;( .
Number of people with number of suggestions & advices for home treatments, I tried nearly everything but it was still not working. I was fed up with the problems and then my aunt told me to apply aloe-Vera paste in my hairs. She told that it will help me and wont cause any harm and no side effects too. And she was right :)
Slowly my hairs were recovering from their worst stage. The rate of hair fall went decreasing with reduction in splitting & dandruff. They were overcoming from the stage of damage to healthy. Also there was no need of conditioner and my hairs are more silky then before.I was again "ok" mentally ,and my happiness was back again as previous. 

My hairs are again healthy now and that was the end of my hair problems!!

I still apply aloe-Vera paste without a miss every Sunday.  Thanks to my aunt and her healthy advice.