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Thursday, 14 June 2012

The New World......

New faces…New Responses  & New Followers everyday………..I wish if the world could have been similar to my blog…no tensions….no worries… 

Happier and happier day by day…by all the comments I get…and improve myself by all the reactions I get… is the only place where I can put my emotions publically…and most importantly the only time when I get happy on those worst times about which I’ve posted…. 

The day I stepped in here…was like a new born baby…but slowly i learned to speak..than to stand...and now I can walk too....The confidence i got in myself...and the friends i earned... 

Daily i wake up & my day begins with the stats...and i have a big cute smile on my face by seeing that the overview is increased from the previous day.. then my happiness move a step ahead by the comments i get on the posts.... 

The world is totally different now...Thanks to blogger for this...specially to Jayesh and Yashwant ji this world would not be possible without both of u....  
And a thanks to all my encourage me in their own way....

I can live in a better way now....



  1. I am not only read a blog post;i try to read other comments big thanks to Jayesh Bhai because i came to know about you and your blog by your comment on his post :)

    God Bless you Noopur Ji and Keep Writing!

    (sorry for my worst english )


  2. @yashwant ji....

    Koi baat nahi...apki baat mujh tak pohoch gyi...english ka kya h...chalta h sab :)

  3. कल 15/06/2012 को आपकी यह पोस्ट पर लिंक की जा रही हैं.आपके सुझावों का स्वागत है .

  4. ALL THE BEST for ur professional life
    nice wrttn

  5. keep going noopur....
    happy blogging................
    all the very best in life...


  6. @vinamra jain & @ anu
    Thanx a lot...both of u...

  7. yes.. a new world...:)
    keep penning down.. warm wishes Noopur!

  8. @jayesh
    isme noutankki kya h??

    @madhuresh.... thnk u :)

  9. New world. Exciting!
    Keep going Noopur,you have so much more coming your way :)
    Keep writing!

  10. @sakshi singh
    Nice to see you back again :)

  11. Very nice post.....
    Mere blog pr padhare.

  12. @shanti garg...
    thnk visit again :)

  13. This is what everyone feels firstly before they start their blogging I hope. Good job guys! Keep going..
    I need to say Thankyou to you ppl coz I come to know one thing looking at your blog today that, Idea defines everything where knowledge just plays a small role.

    Thankyou :)

  14. @jaswanth majety
    Thanx for the complement,, :D
    And my pleasure...

  15. There's a entire new journey for you ahead...a journey of glory among the writers...keep writing...!!!

  16. Yea! I also feel the same way!! :)