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Sunday, 13 May 2012

A Brilliant $tart..!!

A brilliant start by "AMIR KHAN"..........
                    "SATYAMEV JAYATE"........!!!!!!!!

......To stop the crime against children and a step against those criminals. The devil in face of a man, who can do such a worst thing and play with a innocent hearted child,, and even don’t have a guilt for doing such a pity thing…..
                                          I don’t know why it is a custom of our country Or I can say a trend in our society that we cannot stand against those devils and we try to shut the mouth of a child by giving an excuse 

             “WHAT PEOPLE WILL SAY?????”

Why the hell, we bother about people???. People matters for parents,, but not the innocent child, who is in helpless condition..Who don’t even understand that what is actually happening???

This is the teaching we give to our children, that he/she should share every incident with parents. But I don’t understand why parents don’t support when their child need a help???
 This is the huge drawback  of our country, and I want to salute "AMIR KHAN" for the step he came forward with… At least one can get the daring to protect themselves,,many have faced & many are facing still.....
Because every child some way suffers this pity condition.... :( :(

Jai Hind.... Satyamev jayate....



  1. even I was thinking of posting the same .. ;)
    A gr8 step by Amir Khan to clean the society..
    Satyamev JAyate ,, :)

  2. @jayesh...
    Hamari soch alag ho b kese sakti h... :P
    Thankx 4 the comment bro. ;)