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Thursday, 26 April 2012


 More often in life it happens when some moments become special part of your called M.E.M.O.R.I.E.S....!!!!!

 Its very uncommon felling when u are noticed by number of a huge crowd...
So as mine. . .
It was the month of October-2011 ,, when I've trained 150 peoples for "GARBA". . .
An Gujarati-Indian folk i.e. Performing in groups,and celebrate in the festival Navratri. . . :-)

It adds a great confidence to your personality,, when you are able to manage such a big group of participants successfully........!!!!

First of all I'm thankful to my parents who gave me their full support..blessings..and freedom to take part in such kind of activities....and then to all my friends who encouraged me for some thing that gave me a new identity......!!!!

I've enjoyed a lot,, the feeling of  being respected as a teacher. . . .enjoying like a performer. . . and celebrating with everyone like I've never enjoyed ever in my life.

An event that filled me with full of life...and gave a new strength,, so that i can see myself as an individual now...
And most importantly......
Its a moment of proud for every parent when people use to introduce them with their child's identity.......i am lucky that i was able to give this moment to my parents so early in my life.......And last but not the least.....

I'll never forget those days ......



  1. I hope you will have more good memories in your coming days.

    thanks for sharing this in an easy way.


  2. @yashwant mathur
    ya sure.....

  3. कल 29/04/2012 को आपकी यह पोस्ट नयी पुरानी हलचल पर लिंक की जा रही हैं.आपके सुझावों का स्वागत है .

    हलचल - एक निवेदन +आज के लिंक्स

  4. congratulations and best of luck for future :)

  5. @पंछी
    U r most welcome :)

  6. May the future be full of sweet memories. Best wishes !

  7. @kailsah sharma
    Thanks a lot 4 the wishes... :)