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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

The Real Meaning...???

In an era,where everyday a heart breaks...
And, they fall in love with someone everyday...
I feel like asking,, Do "TRUE LOVE" Exist??...and if i get a reply yesssss...again i feel...Do Really??

Being in the younger age of 20..,,I see many couples in college, coaching' s, gardens and even at my home side...They say they are in love with each other. It is unable for them to live a single day without each other. In numerous dates?? calls?? and texting each other?? and it's like committing a crime if they forget to share a single incident???
Again a question raises in my this enough to say they are in love???
Behind 100's of lies and cheating each other they keep on flirting with every younger, pass to them

But,, I got my answer today.........!!!!!

An old couple was walking at street, early morning and i was just looking them...and my eyes locked on them when i saw the real essence of love in them...

The old Man: Not even able to walk properly by his own,,but still he was steeping ahead by keeping his arms on the shoulder of his wife. The smile he had on his face was quite incredible for me And cant even express anything by my words about the faith, he had for his partner. :) :)

The old Lady:  A bit fat and cute wrinkles on her face, supporting her husband at every single step...and cherishing the moments she spent with him in her life... :)

They went to a temple, prayed to keep them together until their life ends... and in the same way they went back to their home....sweet home..!!
But they didn't knew what impact and what a impression they leaved... I kept thinking...and still i am... :)

And what a soft valentine morning, with true fragrance of love....May GOD keep them healthy,, and bless them..............................FOREVER..............!!!!!!!!!



  1. May God really bless such a b'ful souls on the earth !! :)

  2. Old is Gold ... :)
    But Flirting in this age group is must ... <3
    aur agar is age me flirt nahi kara to kya kara :P

  3. @swati shinh
    Y dear i 2 wish the same 4 them :)

  4. @jayesh kothari
    hmm....what to do....sab 1 jesa nai soch sakte...