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Saturday, 29 December 2012

/// बेहतर ही हे में न रहू ///

देखा था एक सपना मेने भी ...
कुछ बनने का 
कुछ कर गुजरने का ....
 की एक दिन कुछ बन जाउंगी ...
और फिर ये दुनिया बदल जाएगी।।।

पर आज आवाज़ थम गई ...
और वो बुरा सपना मेरी हकीकत बन गई ...

जिस दर्द से 
तुम्हारी रूह सहम गई  
उस दर्द को मेने सहा हे ...
जिसे देख 
तुम्हारी आखे नम हुई 
उसे मेने जिया हे ...

साहस ..  हिम्मत .. और ताकत से 
मेने लड़ाई लड़ना चाही 
पर आज उस दरिंदगी से में हार गई 
और शर्म से मेरी सांसे 
तार - तार हुई ...

अब सुकून की क्या आस करू///
बेहतर ही हे में न रहू///
ज़िन्दगी से बेहतर मौत ही सही///
शायद मिल जाये मुझे वजूद वही///

(A Tribute to DAMINI )

~नूपुर ~

Friday, 28 December 2012

काश !!

ये जो जज़्बात हे इन्हें ,,
शब्द बयाँ कर नहीं सकते ...
हर बात को कहा जाये,, ये ज़रूरी हे
बिन कहे क्यों इन्हें समझ नहीं सकते ??

ऐसे तो लिख दिया यहाँ
जो कभी किसी से कहा नहीं ...
पर उन बातो का क्या करू
जिन्हें बयां भी नहीं कर सकते ??

हे तो कई दोस्त ऐसे 
जो हे हमराज़ मेरे ...लेकिन कोई बतला दे मुझे
हो जो कोई उपाय अगर
आखिर क्यों वो दोस्त इन जज़बातो को पहचान नहीं सकते  ??

कितना अच्छा होता
जो इनकी भी ज़ुबान होती ...
क्यूंकि सच तो यही हे
कुछ बाते किसी को समझा नहीं सकते !!


Friday, 21 December 2012

Purest Bond. . . A short story :)

One of my stories from Jayesh's Blog

C'mon kids; come down stairs we are getting late for the school. . .
They are twins, a boy and a girl. They got in the car & mom dropped them, and they reached school just 3 minutes earlier, when the gate was supposed to be closed. . .
 A couple of words they shared with mom,, as she wont be able to pick them back today, after the school so they have to manage with the neighbors aunt to come back home.. And finally they kissed their mom and had a good bye!!
They both went in their respective classes, as they were in different sections.

Some hours latter. . . .
                       The bell rang for the break, and he came out to approach her in the play ground, at the place where they use to have their lunch together,daily. Strange.....where is she?? All her friends were out only she was missing in them.
What happened to her??
 Why she is not out today??
There had been times, when he was late to come to play ground but she use to be on time always!!
Where is she....... ohhh GOD???

And many several questions were kicking in his mind,, friends- class teacher, nobody knows where is she??
He ran upstairs in a single breathe, to look her in the class room...and here she is...thank GOD!!
But, what happened??
Her face was red, and it seems to be if she'd cried for a long??

What happened?? He asked while wiping out her tears, kissed her, hugged her to make his sis. alright.... But she continued crying??
Can you please tell me, what is the reason behind your cry??
Somebody broke my water bottle, my brother :( , it was my favorite among all mamma had bought for me. (She loves tweety a lot, and the water bottle had a sticker with the moods of tweety- the cartoon character.)

I'll bring you another one, please don't cry my dolly. I can't see you cry. Though, at times I fight with you but this takes my heart away. Believe me, I'll bring a new water bottle before the day ends.
Yes,, I do my lil'sis.
And they had there lunch, and came home latter in the evening. Changed dress & had some snacks and this was the time to play.

Hurreeeeyyyyyy,, He shouted!!
You go my bro.. I'm not feeling well today. I'll stay at home.
Do you really think,, I'll go out with friends while leaving you alone here??

But, my water bottle broke down today :( :( she shouted...
(And tears again busted out from her eyes,, this time louder than before).
 He was successful to make her alright somehow, and took an excuse from her & went out.... and he was back again in a while with a bag, and an appearance of something in it.

He took her hand and said- come with me.....
But where are we going??
That's none of your business... my cutie piee.... Juz come with me....

They locked the house, he took his bicycle out and asked her to sit behind.
Where are we going, brother??
It's a surprise for you, just sit with me and I'll bring your happiness back....
And he started, but they are not moving on the way to playground???

Bhaiyya, we are on the wrong track. The play ground was on the right hand and you took a left.
He didn't answered anything this time, and she can read his mind that something was going on, in it!! 
He stopped in front of a shop, parked his bicycle there.... she was quite, and very surprised. He went inside and she kept following him.

He opened his bag, took his Piggy bank  out and placed it in front of the shopkeeper.
His eyes moved around and locked in a while.... He pointed his finger on the same water bottle, and asked the shopkeeper if he can buy it..with all he had in his piggy bank??
The shopkeeper returned the piggy bank to the boy after taking the amount of water bottle.

He turned around. she was quite still??
He stepped forward and before he could say anything she hugged him tightly.... This time tears have a miracle in them, as some thing magical happened to her.

(Still holding him tightly.)
I know you've collected all this coins to bring a new toy car, and you sacrificed your happiness to see me smile :) . This was the best thing someone ever did for me.
And she moved a little back to kiss him,, But what she saw was ironical. This time he was crying louder than her and before she could understand anything he said-

I can't see tears in your eyes, you are the best gift GOD had blessed me with. You have shared all my joys & sorrows either it was the first day of school or when mom shouted on me, when we returned home late after playing. You were with me every moment, you are my best friend, my dolly.
And it hurts me a lot when i see you cry. I can do anything to see this cute smile on your face.... :) And she hugged him back again....

And they went back home, with all tears replaced with joy they shared some moments before...

Some Relations can never be replaced........ They get stronger, by the warmth of every time they stay together......

Thank you.... GOD,, that you've blessed me with an elder brother.... & Thank him too..... for every time he supported,, wiped my tears and helped me to bring my smile back.... :)


Monday, 17 December 2012

The Secret Follower!!

Our world surrounds with different mentalities... different opinions!!

Definitely a few love us from the bottom of their heart, they care for us to that extent we could never know. They believe in us more than one self, and though they have done this for us in-numerous times but never expressed.... There words expresses the true felling in their heart... and hats off to those personalities.

But every coin has two faces, if one is good definitely the other would be bad!!

I'm talking about those personalities, who have a true belief in us!!
You might be thinking, of what I'm talking about??
But if I'm wrong... then there are some questions arose in my mind... 
If people hate us?? 
If they think we are mad?? 
If they don't believe in us??
Then why do they keep on talking about us??

I mean if one is your opponent, how can the one keep an eye upon you all the time??
What you are doing, what you are not??

I guess,, Such kind of people are actually not the one who don't believe in you. The truth is they have such a strong belief in you that your loved ones do not have??
I can justify myself by saying, that they have full faith in our ideas, that is the only reason why they keep on comparing themselves with us. Our single step drop an effect on them, they keep following us. They start working in the same manner, we use to work.

Then why do they talk,behind our back??
Why do they keep on discussing about us??
And why cant they resist themselves,, by letting the world know, what we are doing these days?

The reason is simple... Because they are the true follower, who follow you secretly!!
Knowingly or unknowingly,, they want to become like us, that's why we always have a strong impact in their lives. But they can not digest the fact, that they are really not like us. 
They start complaining, and deny on our every deed.
But they are the true prompters, because they keep on promoting us with every time they talk with someone!! :D :D

I wanna thank them, by dedicating this post.... and feeling good after sharing this to my readers. Because definitely all of us, have A SECRET FOLLOWER behind us.


Sunday, 16 December 2012


Aww...If any of you have predicted something wrong on reading the tittle of this post let me clear it first,, That's actually not a description of my status.

But it is something that make me think for a long-long hours at times. For every time .... any of my buddies get committed I feel that a part of me is now going to be lost. Its not like that I am worried of loosing the person, I believe "If somebody is mine, he / she will remain always... No matter whatever the conditions, time make us to face". But the thing is whenever somebody gets committed, they actually give all the rights to their partners and I guess that is quite natural. They spend time with each other and keep promising to be together always..... 
My thoughts strike in my mind again and again and I think of the times when we used to celebrate every small moment, but it is next to impossible to think of it again.... Although they are mine... I call them friends, but still I can say that a part of me that use to reside in my friend is now committed. 
Should I feel happy?? Or should I  complain? 
Coz. . . Either I accept it or not the truth is that I am one step down to the priority, I once had in their life.
Many of them will call me after reading this, many will make me understand... But I can deny on there explanations... And Below is the proof I have with me to favor myself....
Just before I started writing this post, I called one of my bestie...  
And the response i got is... The number you have dialed is currently busy,  Please stay on the line or call latter!! :D :D
And finally I disconnected!! :( :(


Thursday, 6 December 2012

Lines From A Friend's Diary....

This time lets us step back some years,and get 

into the precious time called 


This are the lines from my friend's diary....

Chocolates on the tree, blossoms on the sea.

I am wondering because everything was free.

Nature everywhere and rainbow above my 


“Dance with me and play with me”, little 

Squirrel said.

I was still wondering, where am I?

Stars are on the ground and elephants can fly.

I was happy, as there was no school,

Tension of home work war no more, I was 

feeling very cool.

Now it was the time for lunch, I need

 chocolates to crunch.

Near me I saw a chocolate tree, I was happy as 

everything was free.

I kicked the tree so that chocolate would fall.

But it didn't happen as the tree was hard and 

I thought that the tree was haunted, but that 

was not what I wanted.

I opened my eyes Oh it was the Dream,

Like snatched from my mouth spoon full of ice 


I was kicking my brother’s knee not the 

chocolate tree,

I wish it could be real and I slept again as on 

the clock it was am 3.


Friday, 30 November 2012

// पुकार //

दूर देश से,
आखों में ..... 
तू बिन हिचके आ जाना //

सब बाँहों में .....
तू साथ लिए आ जाना //

जब चन्दा रौशनी फेलायेगा,
संग ख़ामोशी भी आएगी ..              
ले कर आँचल तेरा उस मौसम में ,
तू बिन पूकारे आ जाना //

जब तक तू न आती हे,
देखते हे सब रस्ता तेरा  ..
एसे तो कहते हे नींद तुझे, 
पर तू रातों का चैन बन कर आ जाना//

बात अलग सी थी जब, तुझे माँ पुकार लगाती थी,
और झासा देकर मुझको लोरियां गाया करती थी ..
माना माँ जेसी बात नहीं मुझमे ,
पर तू नादान समझकर आ जाना //

दूर देश से,
आखों में ..
तू बिन हिचके आ जाना //

~नूपुर ~

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

# Stories #

When i start with.... "ONCE UPON A TIME...."
One can easily judge me... that I'm narrating a story.

Hundreds of miles away from the world of reality, there exist a world of stories..... A world in which a poor girl can be a princess, a beggar can be a king of a kingdom

 You learn the morals of life with every story.

And when someone hears the word story... their mind starts to imagine the times of their childhood. Every child... rich...or...poor is attached with the in-numerous stories, one have heard in the childhood. Stories have a miracle in them,one can imagine the exact scenario the other person is narrating. And even they don't have any restrictions So the stories empower you with the imagination and no doubt a different idea to think.
Remember the time when someone have narrated you a story,i am sure you were able to locate the exact description. 

Different color...different world!!
Whenever the teacher narrates a story to entire class, every individual starts to picture up the words...but the strange thing is everyone of them choose the color, size, environment according to their choice.
This is what called something beyond expectations. You never know, in how many ways they would imagine the same one...!!!

One more thing to notice about stories, we always love the person who have narrated the stuff for us. If you don't agree then step back some years and tell me??
Don't you love your grandmaa?? or your grandpaa??
Who was the favorite teacher , when you were in nursery?? 

Stories played an important role in every individuals life... and I am sure it will continue the same....beyond the limits of time!! 


Monday, 26 November 2012

The times. . .


Are just excuses....!!!

You can not just keep blaming your self, and try to find out your fault every time.
One must accept the fact that, the relation is no more....And instead of blaming yourself, feel happy that the person was once the part of your life.

One can not be with you all the time... so respect the times you were together...!!!


Wednesday, 21 November 2012

अंत भला तो सब भला।।।

क्या खोया क्या पाया
राह चलते हर वक़्त खुद को तनहा पाया

यूँ तो हे दिलासे बोहोत देने वाले
पर कितने हे इनमे अंत तक साथ चलने वाले ??

सीख ... सबक ... सब याद हे मुझे 
वही सब खीच लाते हे मुझे अक्सर
वरना तो फ़िसूल ही हे सब
अपना .... पराया .....
क्या रखा हे इन सब में ??

जाते वक़्त तो कुछ नहीं रहता हे साथ
फिर क्या करना मोह और घृणा रख कर
दो दिन याद रख कर सब भूल जायेंगे 
फिर क्यू करना ये तेरा-मेरा ??

कर सकू तो कुछ एसा कर जाऊ 
जो याद रखे हर कोई मुझे 
वरना  तो फिसूल ही हे सब
रिश्ते .... नाते .....

वो कहते हे ना ... अंत भला तो सब भला।।।

Sunday, 18 November 2012

You make it worth!!

The sky...

The rivers...

The flowers...

The rains...

The sunlight...


The sickness...

The storms...

The thunders...

The darkness...

The blue light...


They are part of our life... Either philosophical or practical, in both the ways they are equally distributed among all of us....

Its neither like.... Why me??

Nor as if.... only me??

We feel it as a curse...when all those things happens with us.... but its the same for everyone in some or another way!!
As the coin has two sides.... its sometimes heads....and sometimes tail!!

So be light divine!!

Life is beautiful ... Its Up-to you, if you can make it worth!!


Wednesday, 7 November 2012

एक नयी सुबह

एक रिवाज़
एक दस्तूर
एक प्रथा ... से जादा और कुछ नहीं//

कभी मजबूर
कभी लाचार
कभी अंधियारों में भटकती मूरत ... से जादा और कुछ नहीं//

बंद दरवाज़े
अधूरेपन ... से जादा और कुछ नहीं//

कब दस्तक देगी वो आहात एक बदलाव की,
एक हसी जो बस यादों में केद हे ... कब फिर सुनाई देगी
कब हटेंगे ये बादल आसुओं के
कब खुशियों की घटा फिर छाएगी ...

मज़बूरी की आड़ में खुद को बांधे रखना सही नहीं
ज़रूरत हे आत्म विश्वास से भरे एक बदलाव की
क्या पता वो एक कदम , एक हजारो की प्रेरणा बन जाये
और हर आँगन दीपक से जगमगाए ...

 दर्द जब खुदका हे तो आवाज़ तो उठानी ही पड़ेगी
कही एसा न हो, एक मसीहे की राह देखते - देखते ... ज़िन्दगी ही थम जाये।।।


Thursday, 4 October 2012

एक सीख मिलती हे ...

क्या कभी सोचा हे आपने कितना मायने रखता हे आपका ब्लॉग ??
आपके लिए या किसी और के लिए ??
अक्सर होता हे मेरे साथ ऐसा की जब कभी किसी से अगर बात होती भी हे इस बारे में तो या तो लोग अनजान  रहते हे की ब्लॉग जेसी भी कोई दुनिया हे,, या फिर जानते भी हे तो बहुत थोडा।।।

लेकिन कितनी अहेमियत होती हे एक ब्लॉग की,, ये एक ब्लॉग लिखने वाला ही समझ सकता हे//
मेने लोगो के मन में ये भी धरना देखी हे की क्या मिलता हे एक ब्लॉग लिखने से ??
उल्टा और दूसरे लोग तुम्हारी लिखी हुई पंक्तियों को अपना बता कर उनके ब्लॉग पर पोस्ट कर देते हे ... और कितने ही लोगो को ये भी पूछते देखा हे ,, कुछ कमाई होती हे ब्लॉग लिखने से ??
पर मुझे एक बात समझ नहीं आती की क्या हर काम हम मतलब के लिए ही करते हे ??
क्या खुद की ख़ुशी के लिए इन्सान कुछ नहीं कर सकता ??

लेकिन मेरे पास जवाब हे ... बहुत कुछ मिलता हे एक ब्लॉग से चाहे वो अपना हो या किसी और का ...
आप क्या हे और क्या सोचते हे इसे बता सकते हे पूरी दुनिया को ... क्यूंकि हो न हो एक सीख तो ज़रूर मिलती हे ...
क्या पता आपकी किसी पोस्ट से किसी की सोच बदल जाये??
कोई गलत आदत??
या फिर किसी के प्रति बर्ताव??

मेने तो सिखा हे जाने अनजाने ,,बहुत कुछ और खुद में बदलाव भी पाया हे...

मेने तो कभी नहीं सोचा था  घास के बारे में ...जिस पर लोग बिना सोचे समझे ,, न जाने कितनी बार पैर रख कर आगे बढ़ जाते हे।।
और न कभी ये महसूस किया था की हा सच में हमारी जिदंगी इन्टरनेट हो गयी और केसे हम बदल गए/// न खबर कोई रिश्तो की,, न ही नातो की .... 

सुना तो था अक्सर फर्क अमीर-गरीब  के बीच लेकिन जब उन्ही तर्क को फिर पढ़ कर देखा तो आखे भर आई////
कहा चले गए हे आज के युवा ये हमें न कहना पड़ता...जो सिगरेट! अगर तू न होती तो आज ज़िन्दगी कुछ और होती।।।
कितनी बदल गयी हे ये दुनिया की अब मेरे मन के  विचारों का समुद्र कुछ शांत सा है .....   
कुछ समझ नहीं पाती हु बस ज़हन में आ जाते हे अक्सर कुछ सवाल जिनका जवाब अक्सर नहीं होता मेरे पास ///

तो क्या कहू उन लोगो को जो कभी नहीं समझ सकते हे ... क्यूंकि एक सिख ही बहुत होती हे जीवन सुधार लेने को ....

~नूपुर ~

Links copied by जो मेरा मन कहे  
A special thanks to यशवंत माथुर 

That one call....

8 Long awaited days...and my mom is back yesterday :)
The home is back with its joy and the happiness she cherish ...

Again I can see her early in the morning,, b-z in her stuffs...!!

Again I can wait for her, in the afternoon that once she comes from the school we can share the tea....

Again I can share my stupid blunders with her....!!

And most importantly my family would not suffer more with the meal I wad preparing for them :D

Late in the afternoon yesterday,, my phone buzzed... It was mamma ... calling me to pick her up. She was out of state for some tournament of her students (As she is an sports teacher).
I rushed down the stairs of my apartment in the same outfit :D I couldn't wait to see her once again... I covered myself with the scarf..ready with my activa and just took a flight :D
I drove like a mad to pick her up..all I need was to see her... Finally I reached..and I could see her on the other side of the road waiting for me....
But that bullshit signal!!

I wished If I could turn it green for a moment so that i could just move on,, but damn!!
For the first time in my life I felt as if that signal went red for a long hour...

Finally it turned green after some time and I was with my maa :)

She is a beautiful gift to me...and she is the best of best friend one could ever have!!
Thank GOD...she is back... and M happy...very very happy again :)


Monday, 1 October 2012



Creativity has no Definitions…!!
Creativity has no Limits…!!!
Creativity has no Boundaries…!!!

"You are creative in your own way,, you cannot force yourself to be creative… It’s a GOD GIFT … Precious & Valuable…."

I’ve seen many people copying others, or forcing themselves to be creative. Your creativity leads you to a stress free life, but if you will copy someone or keep yourself in pressure to create something it won’t work…
Creativity gives you happiness … when you create something new, it fills your soul with a joy … and the person who copies others can not feel the essence of originality.

Small efforts can bring a big change in you, but all that is needed is originality,, in your thinking.
Sometimes when some people see others creating something beautiful, they try to copy them and this idea do not work.... 

Some qualities I really feel that a creative person should have in themselves...

1. Be Original: 
If you are original, you can feel the true happiness in your creations.

2. Be Stress free: 
If you have a stressful mind, then you cannot come out with color's...

3. Think Beyond Imaginations:
When you think beyond your imaginations,, it gives a strength and a new definition to your creativity.

4. Don’t Compare:
When you compare yourself with others,or when you have a comparison with someone you try to be like them. You try to change yourself in the way they think or the way they create.

5.  Don't do it for others:
Some people get forced by there family or in an another way. If you don't have interest you can not give a life to your creations.

6. Give Freedom:
 When you have freedom, you have a feel good emotions in yourself...And that's the only thing needed!

Creativity reflects the idea of the creator, it is fun, it is joy, it is the happiness, it is the soul.... I feel good when I watch someone with new creations. Give life, and fill it with the soul, because at the end of the day people know you because of your creativity.

Be Optimistic!!
Be Creative!!